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  1. I understand that he is having an operation this month and then convalescing.
  2. I agree about Hurford's "Laudate Dominum" suite. I used to play it a lot but have lost my copy. I once played the "Meditation" (I think it's called that) immediately before an evensong in Canterbury Cathedral when I was playing for a visiting choir. There was a large congregation, and the talking beforehand was phenomenal during something loud that I played, but when I started the Hurford - with the melody on the Choir Stopped Diapason with Tremulant, they shut up instantly!
  3. I believe he moved to Tewkesbury
  4. So sad - and not without parallels at all levels, not just cathedrals. In my own modest (though quite well remunerated) post, I no longer have a music budget, and deputies cannot be paid in my absence - owing to a new "parish centre" having been built. It has totally disheartened me - I never thought I would want not to be an organist anymore but am seriously considering giving up.
  5. LOL!! I can't remember who the Assistant was at Norwich some years ago who "painted" "The lot is fallen unto me in a fairground" with the Cymbelstern and "There go the ships" with a blast on something low and strident....
  6. I missed the word-painting when listening live. Very tasteful compared to what I do in the line of "How great though art" that goes "....and hear the birds singredients sweetly in the trees" ? Mind you, who was it who used the Blackadder theme as a descant to the 2nd half of the tune "Morning Light" ? ?
  7. Temporary Viscount Regent instrument currently being installed at Canterbury - see Viscount's Facebook page.
  8. Then there is my main church, where the priest asked me a few months ago to only play quiet voluntaries, as "Some people have tinnitus" In my usual pig-headed fashion, I have not played a voluntary at all since! (Apart from a couple of occasions when I had received requests for special occasions)
  9. Indeed - and the repeats in this piece are integral as it is a dialogue between Horns and Flutes. Superficial is a good word! There is a parallel - to me at least - with his Preces & Responses which, although attractive, do not stand up as well as others from the same period or earlier.
  10. Apologies for delay in replying - I only look on the forum occasionally. That was badly put owing to doing it in a hurry - apologies. What I meant was that it is the sort of piece that sounds "nice" but is lacking something - I use it as a voluntary, and people have commented that they like it, but it bores me. I suppose it would be more interesting using a period "French Horn" stop than the composer's suggested Diapasons.
  11. There is an attractive but rather dull - and boring to play - "Air for French Horns and Flutes" by John Reading in Volume 3 of Novello's "English Organ Music" where Reading says "Play the French Horns upon the Diapasons an octave lower" (Only possible exactly as writ with a "long compass") It is true "horn writing"
  12. Interesting point! The present Nave Organ does a pretty good job and I was wondering what the logic was behind a division in the western transepts. Now, in the eastern transepts makes some sense, as at the moment, with a service in the Quire it is necessary to couple the Choir Organ ( most of which is at the east end of the south triforium - Tubas are near the Pulpitum) to support singing near the High Altar.
  13. The last time I played an Evensong at Canterbury (a good 25 years ago now) I didn't have time to set up a capture memory channel, so I used David Flood's settings. IIRC one of the Swell pistons had a "mini full swell" effect with something like 16' Bourdon, 8 & 4 Diapasons, Flageolet and Hautbois - which was very effective and useful.
  14. Do we know what the "temporary organ" will be?
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