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  1. Many thanks - but as you are in the group I would rather it came from you first hand! I will link this discussion to it though as there have been interesting replies.
  2. Stanley - would you have any objection to me popping a link to this discussion on my Facebook group (UK Catholic Organists Choirs and Cantors) as it is worthy of a wide audience...?
  3. Just heard that David Flood is retiring from Canterbury in the summer.
  4. The only time I have had a problem with time lag was when I was playing for a big deanery service at Canterbury (the Mander) and included a Stanley voluntary beforehand. The Cornet on the Choir Organ, being at the furthest east end of the triforium from the console was ever so slightly "behind" the accompaniment (Swell or Great flutes - can't remember) Not a lot, but enough to put me off in limited rehearsal time, so I programmed something else.
  5. I understand that he is having an operation this month and then convalescing.
  6. I agree about Hurford's "Laudate Dominum" suite. I used to play it a lot but have lost my copy. I once played the "Meditation" (I think it's called that) immediately before an evensong in Canterbury Cathedral when I was playing for a visiting choir. There was a large congregation, and the talking beforehand was phenomenal during something loud that I played, but when I started the Hurford - with the melody on the Choir Stopped Diapason with Tremulant, they shut up instantly!
  7. I believe he moved to Tewkesbury
  8. So sad - and not without parallels at all levels, not just cathedrals. In my own modest (though quite well remunerated) post, I no longer have a music budget, and deputies cannot be paid in my absence - owing to a new "parish centre" having been built. It has totally disheartened me - I never thought I would want not to be an organist anymore but am seriously considering giving up.
  9. LOL!! I can't remember who the Assistant was at Norwich some years ago who "painted" "The lot is fallen unto me in a fairground" with the Cymbelstern and "There go the ships" with a blast on something low and strident....
  10. I missed the word-painting when listening live. Very tasteful compared to what I do in the line of "How great though art" that goes "....and hear the birds singredients sweetly in the trees" ? Mind you, who was it who used the Blackadder theme as a descant to the 2nd half of the tune "Morning Light" ? ?
  11. Temporary Viscount Regent instrument currently being installed at Canterbury - see Viscount's Facebook page.
  12. Then there is my main church, where the priest asked me a few months ago to only play quiet voluntaries, as "Some people have tinnitus" In my usual pig-headed fashion, I have not played a voluntary at all since! (Apart from a couple of occasions when I had received requests for special occasions)
  13. Indeed - and the repeats in this piece are integral as it is a dialogue between Horns and Flutes. Superficial is a good word! There is a parallel - to me at least - with his Preces & Responses which, although attractive, do not stand up as well as others from the same period or earlier.
  14. Apologies for delay in replying - I only look on the forum occasionally. That was badly put owing to doing it in a hurry - apologies. What I meant was that it is the sort of piece that sounds "nice" but is lacking something - I use it as a voluntary, and people have commented that they like it, but it bores me. I suppose it would be more interesting using a period "French Horn" stop than the composer's suggested Diapasons.
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