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  1. Willis non-stretto (no overhang) keys and Willis short compass Swells

    ​What about St Nicholas, Sutton, near St Helen's?
  2. Big organs in small cases?

    Dennis, Gary Owens has not long put a new Swell engine into the organ at Brecon Cathedral. It could be worth asking him.
  3. New organ in Hamburg

    On the Hamburg specification, does "durchschl." mean free reed?
  4. St James, Piccadilly

    On a day trip to London this past weekend, I stepped into the aforementioned Wren church. At first, I was bowled over by the architecture, but, on turning to view the "West" wall, I was saddened to see the organ case, with many of the front pipes missing. How could the organ in such a fine church in a seemingly wealthy area be allowed to fall into this condition?
  5. New organ for Cambridge

    There's a picture of the Sidney Sussex organ in the factory here:- http://www.orgelnieuws.nl/flentrop-toont-orgel-cambridge-tijdens-open-dag/
  6. Fulham Court

    http://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4090-bear-and-pipe-organ/ Apologies! Quite a few months ago! Tempus fugit!
  7. Fulham Court

    Was that not the organ by Mander Organs that JPM mentioned on this forum a few weeks ago, with a clockwork bear appearing at the top of the case?
  8. Most bizarre specifications?

    I've mentioned this instrument before, with a manual 16' despite having only one manual. This instrument has an unusual first manual, like other examples discussed in this thread.
  9. Most bizarre specifications?

    This is in a similar vein.
  10. Most bizarre specifications?

    I came across this organ recently - it strikes me as an eccentric specification.
  11. Most bizarre specifications?

    I like the idea of the "secret switch" mentioned in the Rutt organ's spec here.
  12. Most bizarre specifications?

    It was Henry Lincoln who started building the first organ, but the technical challenges proved too difficult, so William Hill was called in to finish the job.
  13. Diapasons and Flutes

    For interest, here is T. C. Lewis's paper about organ tone.
  14. David Gedge

    I have the sad news to report that David Gedge, former organist of Brecon Cathedral, died peacefully this morning in Glangwili Hospital, having had a stroke a few days before. The funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. May he rest in peace.
  15. Nicholson & Lord

    Please forgive my exhuming an old thread, but within the last year I have become acquainted with a fine instrument by this firm, at All Saint's Church in Newbridge-on-Wye. The Swell Bourdon and Keraulophon have been disabled (you can't even pull out the drawstops), but the rest is working pretty well. Earlier in the thread, someone remarked on the somewhat crude controls - this is certainly true of this organ, for the key action is pretty heavy, and quite deep; the pedal action is not particularly easy either. However, the sound of the instrument does more than compensate for these shortcomings. The four 8fts on the Great do not seem wasteful in the slightest, and offer a wide range of colour. The Open Diapason on the Great is rich and round, but also sings nicely; the Diapason chorus on the Great has power and colour without either shreaking or being too heavy. The pairing of Salicional and Voix Celeste on the Swell is ravishing, and the Full Swell is a pleasing if not thrilling sound. It is definitely worth playing if you find yourself in the area.