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  1. Here's a good place to start. http://cdmnet.org/Julian/schemes/props/index.htm
  2. I seem to recall that Schulze built some experimental flutes in turned wood with an external windway blowing over the mouth, but I can't remember what he called such stops.
  3. I seem to remember that Brindley and Foster's "Harmonicon" (such as here: https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N16749) was a metal Bourdon.
  4. Would anyone like a copy of Victor Davies's Jazz Concerto for Organ and Orchestra? I have acquired a copy with the orchestral reduction. I will happily post it to anywhere in the UK.
  5. Are there any diagrams in the public domain that would clarify how this works please? Why did the idea of a console at the side never become common in Britain, I wonder?
  6. Work has already started to restore the abovementioned organ. Goetze and Gwynn have started dismantling it. https://www.goetzegwynn.co.uk/theatr-soar-conacher-organ-restoration/
  7. https://www.domorgel.wien/projekt-1/dispositionen/ That is an awful lot of organ!
  8. I hope I may be forgiven for going slightly off-topic here. I had an interesting conversation with the saxophonist Gerard McChrystal over the summer about musicians' hearing. He spoke of a crisis waiting to happen to a whole generation of performers, because not enough attention had been paid in the past to the high volumes to which individual musicians are subject. I cannot find the link now, but I recall watching a video of Lorin Maazel's Ring Without Words (the main themes of Wagner's cycle compressed into a symphonic piece). The (literal) hammer blows in the percussion section seemed to cause distress to the players around. I couldn't really say how the risk for organists compares to that for other musicians. I imagine organ tuners don't have it easy!
  9. https://www.mascioni-organs.com/en/florence-cathedral/
  10. I'm assuming that was from the Cardiff OrganFest at the start of the month. I had asked on another thread whether any forum members had gone, but no-one responded.
  11. Shame I can't go. I also missed the Cardiff OrganFest on the weekend. Both Gerard Brooks and David Briggs were giving recitals. Did any forum members go?
  12. What news is there on this project? Is there a draft specification anywhere?
  13. I've just been re-reading his famous (infamous?) tome. I find it a very irritating book in several ways. A lot of his own tastes and inclinations are presented as fact. The quality of the writing seems to vary, with odd tangents and emphases on trivial and largely inconsequential bits of information.
  14. Agreed. I can't fathom the reason for having two consoles within the case of such a small instrument.
  15. No exact spec though, as I was after.
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