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  1. https://www.mascioni-organs.com/en/florence-cathedral/
  2. I'm assuming that was from the Cardiff OrganFest at the start of the month. I had asked on another thread whether any forum members had gone, but no-one responded.
  3. Shame I can't go. I also missed the Cardiff OrganFest on the weekend. Both Gerard Brooks and David Briggs were giving recitals. Did any forum members go?
  4. What news is there on this project? Is there a draft specification anywhere?
  5. I've just been re-reading his famous (infamous?) tome. I find it a very irritating book in several ways. A lot of his own tastes and inclinations are presented as fact. The quality of the writing seems to vary, with odd tangents and emphases on trivial and largely inconsequential bits of information.
  6. Agreed. I can't fathom the reason for having two consoles within the case of such a small instrument.
  7. No exact spec though, as I was after.
  8. Does anyone know what the specification is for the proposed rebuild of the organ at Peterhouse? Apparently both Flentrop and Klais are involved. The mock-up seems to show two consoles in the case, one at the front and the other at the side. How would that work from an engineering perspective?
  9. This page may serve as a useful starting point. http://cdmnet.org/Julian/cf/bldrs.htm
  10. There is this one too... https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=C00826
  11. I know that couple well...
  12. I am currently watching Channel 4 News. According to a cathedral spokesperson, all the wooden interior fittings are likely to be destroyed.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic, but the author is Nicholas Thistlethwaite.
  14. How are Rushworth and Dreaper's efforts in neo-classical style regarded nowadays?
  15. I am pleased to relate that work has started on the restoration of the organ at the former Christ Church in Welshpool. https://www.christchurchwelshpool.co.uk/beginning-to-restore-the-organ/
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