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  1. Harold Darke

    Allegro Music www.allegro.co.uk can print it under licence. "In addition, Allegro Music pays particular attention to the field of organ and choral music and, as well as holding extensive stocks of organ music, we run an archive service for out-of-print organ music for Oxford University Press, Peters Edition and Schott & Co Ltd. Allegro Music also sell CDs and DVDs from Regent Records, Priory Records and JAV Recordings." RAC
  2. Luxuriant Adagio

    ​Denis Bédard, Adagio (CH. 05) or Andantino (Ch. 18) might suit, RSCM stock them. RAC
  3. Durham Cathedral - situations vacant

    On the Cathedral website at www.durhamcathedral.co.uk/worshipandmusic/organists are full details of the team of four Organists, led by James Lancelot, the other three members are Sub-Organist, Assistant Organist and Organ Scholar. The Assistant Organist is David Ratnanayagam who was appointed in June 2012 having been Organ Scholar for two years and then Interim Assistant Organist. RAC
  4. St. Michael's, Bishops Stortford

    Full details are at http://organappeal.org/proposed-specification RAC
  5. Alec Wyton - Fanfare

    It is No. 831 in the Saint Cecilia Series - I have a copy in front of me. RAC
  6. Easter and Whitsun

    " We also do most of the accompanied war-horses . . . Am I missing out on some gems?" I suggest Anthony Caesar's Missa Brevis Capella Regalis RAC
  7. BBC Cathedrals

    The organist was Owain Park now at Trinity College, Cambridge see http://www.owainpark.co.uk/ RAC
  8. Organ music based on Psalms

    Seven Sketches (on verses from the Psalms) by Percy Whitlock Each movement of Peter Hurford's Suite ' Laudate Dominum' is headed by a verse or verses of a Psalm. RAC
  9. Ruff buying

    We bought Wippell's Pleated Collarettes http://www.wippell.co.uk/s-44-ruffs-collarettes.aspx for £11.75 each there was then a 7½% RSCM discount. RAC
  10. Alan Gray Organ Sonatas

    Henderson's Directory of Composers for Organ mentions Four Superior Sonatas (G, A flat, E, C) 1890 Novello. It refers to "numerous organ pieces" - many of these are listed, published (by various firms) and unpublished, this is the only title including "Sonata". RAC
  11. palindromes

    Looking at the score of L’Ange à la Trompette I can't see how it can be described as palindromic! Chimes has 28 bars in 4/4, the notes at the first beat of bar 1 are the same as those at the 4th beat of bar 28, those at the 2nd beat of bar1 the same as those at the 3rd beat of bar 28 and so on, until those at beats 1 to 4 of bar 14 match those at beats 4 to 1 of bar 15. I would have liked to show here bars 13 to 16, which I have in several formats, but I have already spent too long trying to do this - I admit defeat. RAC
  12. palindromes

    Chimes by Bernard Rose which under the title has "Ma fin est mon commencement, et mon commencement est ma fin." It's no. 7 in The Hovingham Sketches published by Banks in 1982. You can hear a performance of it by Francis Jackson recently posted on the General discussion forum of this board - at #1228 on the Youtube thread. RAC
  13. Purcell - Trumpet Sonata

    See http://www.usedorganmusic.co.uk/Cat0412.pdf and scroll down to page 37! RAC
  14. Appointments

    Rugby see http://www.rugbyschool.net/new-director-of-music-appointed RAC
  15. Trevor Hold

    Suantraidhe was published by Basil Ramsey in 1977, John Henderson's Directory of Composers for Organ (2005) gives it as now by Banks. He mentions two other pieces Prelude on "Heathlands" (1988 Oecumuse) and Song-tune Prelude on "Sweet-and-twenty" in A paean for Peter Warlock (2000 Thames Publishing) RAC