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  1. In addition to my interest in the King of Instruments, I’m a life member of the Steam railway which runs up the valley of MM’s fiefdom. There are few greater pleasures than to chug up and down the line in the real ale bar coach on a Sunday afternoon. Which reminds me that a good number of organists I’ve known are (in addition to an interest in preserved transport), also partial to cask conditioned real ale, (one of the best of which is brewed in MM’s fiefdom at Ingrow!) I remember accompanying the former organist of St Barts Armley, Anthony Norcliffe and a number of his seasonal guest r
  2. I too went on my Summer holdays last week and called into Worcester Cathedral on Wednesday and was rewarded by hearing the new organ being "sampled" by Dr Roy Massey (formerly of Hereford). Sounded superbly bright but with a good bite to the pedal registers. It may not be FULLY complete yet but it is clearly an asset both aurally and visually to the cathedral ... even my wife said it looked good! Await the new CD with anticipation Best wishes Redeye
  3. Pedantry again, but it wasn't Douglas himself who 's quote this is, but his flying instructor Harry Day. http://www.mander-organs.com/discussion/st...cons/icon10.gif
  4. Respect for each other ... Yes of course, but respect for "the institution"? Oh dear. Would I be correct in assuming you dont find Monty Pythons "Life of Brian" funny?
  5. I do not work for the BBC nor do I know anyone who does, but as a career Civil Servant and therefore trained to be disingenuous, I think I detect an obvious motive behind the move to Sunday afternoon Broadcasts of Choral Evensong. There are many postings which quite rightly expalin the problems of setting up equipment in a Cathedral on a sunday in amongst the Cathedrals other activities. Add to this the premuim pay the BBC will need to pay its engineers to work on a ?Sunday and it seems clear to me that the objective here is to continue to RECORD the services mid-week (any ad hoc WEEK-d
  6. Redeye


    I'm not sure how old GTB would have been in the late 1960's, but I heard him play the Reubke 94th in Salisbury Cathedral then when I was but a mere youth. Perhaps I was just young and impressionable, but his playing seemed to me to be nothing short of astounding. I still have the programme somewhere, must go look up what else he played.
  7. I am Andrew Patton and a keen photographer as well as organ nut.(ie red-eye) Age 55, married with two high-teen sons. Sang in a number of Choirs, and (quite a few years ago) was a junior console assistant to Anthony Norcliffe when he was at St Bartholemews church Armley, Leeds (Schulze). Lived for four years in Beverley and was so impressed by the Minster organ there, I intend to retire back there in five years. I dont play at a church, just (badly) at home! Whatever happened to the suggested meet / gathering?
  8. He's not the only one! How could you, the Hill case at Beverley is perfection already. Redeye
  9. Priory Did issue a solo recording of Whitlocks organ works played by Graham Barber (volume 1 at Hull city Hall). BTW - just to revert to the RAH thread, would't Whitlocks Symphoiny in g minor be a brilliant suggestion for next years proms season? The voice of Jupiter would lap it up. Not much chance of getting the organ hating BBC to agrre though! Andy.
  10. If you can find a way into Doncaster PC (or minster!) then name the day and I'll be there. The last two times I've been in the town (during the day admittedly) its bee all locked up. I do remember Magnus Black showing the organ to me and a friend back in the early 70's. If it sounded good then, it must be better now.
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