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  1. Not at a recital, but one Sunday morning - just in the corner of my eye, I was aware of being watched. A mildly disconcerting feeling ! It transpired that "Frank" , a large greyhound, regularly attends church with his owners. His fascination with the organ, or perhaps my playing, quickly waned and he curled up behind the console and snoozed for the rest of the service.
  2. According to Facebook, Canterbury is to be 4 manual with 83 stops
  3. Thanks Dave - I was hoping to have have a quick play on the Sacred Heart organ way back in 86 when I was visiting the garden festival . Only made it as far as the Methodist Church across the road.
  4. Dave, is it the church that's just down the road from the Methodist Church ?
  5. Browne's are/were doing the work - lets hope that most of the organ was in their workshop
  6. I've been wondering about this project too.
  7. We had our grand fitted with a metal frame on wheels - easy to move. It was supplied by our piano tuners
  8. Regarding the coughing and clapping: the BBC did a first rate job in capturing the full majesty of my sneezing outburst during the first (UK?) performance of a work by Petr Eben at the RFH some years ago ! I wonder how it would sound with the revised acoustics ?
  9. Many years ago a lecture recital took place at the RFH, at which Ralph Downes explained his reasoning behind the design and illustrated it with appropriate musical examples. Thomas Trotter was one of the organists delivering said examples. The Solo division was clearly intended to be a ”big” Great for use with/against an orchestra. Time has faded my memory regarding the intended use of the other divisions – it made sense at the time ! And therein lays the key: the recitalist must have this inside knowledge in order to bring out the best from this organ. Like other commentators on this board, I attended many of the 5:55 recitals. It was clear that not all recitalists had “got it”.
  10. I tuned in for a while. Lasted up to the Mendelssohn ,which I thought sounded very odd, then went to watch some paint dry.
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