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  1. Unusual audience member

    Not at a recital, but one Sunday morning - just in the corner of my eye, I was aware of being watched. A mildly disconcerting feeling ! It transpired that "Frank" , a large greyhound, regularly attends church with his owners. His fascination with the organ, or perhaps my playing, quickly waned and he curled up behind the console and snoozed for the rest of the service.
  2. Canterbury Cathedral & Manchester Cathedral, New organs

    According to Facebook, Canterbury is to be 4 manual with 83 stops
  3. RIP John Scott

    Very sad news
  4. St Nicholas, Blakeney, Norfolk - Norman & Beard

    Great pictures !
  5. Piano moving- off topic!

    We had our grand fitted with a metal frame on wheels - easy to move. It was supplied by our piano tuners
  6. RFH Organ

    Regarding the coughing and clapping: the BBC did a first rate job in capturing the full majesty of my sneezing outburst during the first (UK?) performance of a work by Petr Eben at the RFH some years ago ! I wonder how it would sound with the revised acoustics ?
  7. RFH Organ

    Many years ago a lecture recital took place at the RFH, at which Ralph Downes explained his reasoning behind the design and illustrated it with appropriate musical examples. Thomas Trotter was one of the organists delivering said examples. The Solo division was clearly intended to be a ”big” Great for use with/against an orchestra. Time has faded my memory regarding the intended use of the other divisions – it made sense at the time ! And therein lays the key: the recitalist must have this inside knowledge in order to bring out the best from this organ. Like other commentators on this board, I attended many of the 5:55 recitals. It was clear that not all recitalists had “got it”.
  8. RFH Organ

    I tuned in for a while. Lasted up to the Mendelssohn ,which I thought sounded very odd, then went to watch some paint dry.
  9. Insuring pipe organs in churches

    At my previous church, now closed and with the organ exported, the organ was insured separately
  10. Canterbury Cathedral & Manchester Cathedral, New organs

    The original press release, some years ago, was talking of returning the chancel organ to 4m in the Willis style, and with a new 4m organ for the nave. Has Dr Flood changed his mind? or has his budget been cut ?
  11. Songs of Praise theme music

    if you mean this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQZ3NrKv-4 then is the Herbert Chappell one. Not sure whether it is still in print
  12. Well worth a play - rather nice tuba
  13. Hull's Holy Trinity 4-Manual Compton

    According to info on the KCOA, work dismantling Canterbury is about to start soon and that the "new organ" is unlikely to be installed before the end of 2014 or early 2015. It's unclear whether the organ is being rebuilt ( as previously discussed) or new.
  14. New Mutations Neuvieme and Onzieme at Notre Dame-de-Paris

    Gosh! What a sound! Hope it was the (poor) recording and not the organ
  15. Hull's Holy Trinity 4-Manual Compton

    The document I saw, some time ago, on the Cathedral website was suggesting that the main organ would return to 4 manuals and that the voicing was to return to a more "Willis" style. A 4 manual "French Style" organ was planned for the nave