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  1. Registering is optional! I try never to give my email address away and still get plenty of spam.
  2. A friend of mine directed me to have a look at this musical listening test devised by the University of Newcastle http://www.delosis.com/listening/measure.html I'm off to the doctors to have my ears syringed -I only scored 24!
  3. Hmm, me I think - she just said Hi and carried on smoking Nope! .... <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  4. Oh for organ loft in which to hide! Sadly my console is in full view of the congregation, it’s located half way down the church on the liturgical south side. I have popped out for a breath of air once or twice. On one occasion discovering the preachers wife had slipped out for a smoke! My father has often told the story of the cathedral organist who liked to slip out for a pint, apparently this was such a regular occurrence that the pint would be waiting for him on the bar! This arrangement worked perfectly until the minister was taken ill – and a member of the choir was despatched to
  5. The organ I play each Sunday is a much more modest beast than yours Steve. And probably much more typical of an “average” UK church. Come to think of it, even my two local cathedrals organs are not that big. For the specification, have a look at http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=D03036 or at our church website http://www.centrepiece.org which also has a couple of pictures of the organ. Yes it has extensions and borrowing, but it works remarkably well considering it’s a hybrid of two now deceased organs. Whilst rummaging through the church archives I came across the pr
  6. Messian v Organist. Reminds me of the time when A fellow organist had a wee bit of an accident at the end of Widor 5!!
  7. Is everyone else listening avidly? No! I'll get my coat.......
  8. There is a recording by Nicholas Kynaston which features 2 pieces by Wiedermann. They do sound like fun . I think the organ was Chichester - but I cant find the CD to check right now. I also heard him play some Wiedermann in Westminster cathedral. Rob
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with the theme of this thread, it would be nice to see Allan Wicks recordings reissued on CD. I always enjoyed his playing – Saturday Evensong was always a treat, he would disappear upstairs during the final hymn and then treat us to some fireworks. Dupre's Evocation being one such treat. The first time I heard him play wasn’t in the Cathedral but in Centrepiece Church in Ashford (I think it was 1979). Two items from the programme remain fresh in my memory, the Three Resurrection Dances by Alan Ridout and the Bach D major (the one which opens with the pedal scale
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