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  1. Found it........St Cross Winchester Also had a look NPOR - the organ looks very interesting http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=N11466 Anyone played it?
  2. I also wondered where the church was. Given the carnage that the Triffids were inflicting upon the blind remnants of society, I was mildly amused to see that the church had a fully functioning organ and robed boys choir. Overall I thought it was a pretty poor show, although Eddie Izzard was rather good
  3. My understanding of the situation is that the plans call for the existing organ to be enlarged back to 4 manuals and returned to a more "Willis" sound. Phase 2 is the construction of a new largish Nave organ.
  4. The organ in Ashford Parish Church http://www.npor.org.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=N14699 has an interesting variation on this theme. There are 3 stops controlling the floating reeds and couplers for Reeds on Great and Reeds on Choir. Its been a long time since I played this organ, but if i remember correctly you can have the reeds on both manuals at the same time. However its not quite as useful as having the stops duplicated with a second underaction or switching
  5. I’ve only had this experience once: at the end of our evening service a lady came over the console and asked if she could take down the specification. I was happy for her to do this, and followed up by asking her if she played. She replied that her brother wanted the details as he was playing for her wedding the following Saturday! No one had asked or even told me about the wedding. Needless to say I was not best pleased! On the occasions that I have played for friends weddings I always ask that they clear it with the other organist and clergy. As far as I know this has always been carried out
  6. I managed to play the Vierne Carillon from the 24 Pieces. Must have got most of the notes right judging from the number of people gathering round the console to express thanks. I even received thanks by e-mail – now that’s a first
  7. I’ve been interrupted on two occasions. The first was by a helpful member of the congregation who switched the organ off mid voluntary. I resisted the temptation to send him to casualty –just. The second occasion was mid way through L’Apparition de L’Église eternelle, when a congregation member had a heart attack – this time he went to casualty, though not as a result of my intervention. He recovered, I’m pleased to report
  8. The bottom octave of the Double Trumpet was only ever prepared for. So, after a 25 year wait, it was finally installed
  9. I remember John Blaskett giving a recital at Canterbury shortly after the rebuild. The Guilmant No 1 was earth shatteringly loud - marvelous fun. John gave a few recitals for me at Bank Street, sadly he never got to play the organ in its completed state.
  10. There are plans for work to be carried out at Canterbury. It's all part of the massive fund raising project that is currently underway. If I recall correctly, the plan calls for the main organ to be restored to 4 manuals and voiced in the Willis style. A new organ is to be constructed for use in the Nave. The new Nave organ will be larger than the current Nave division. I recall reading something to the effect that it was to be voiced "in the french style". I know its dangerous to make assumptions, but I take this to mean more along Cavaille-Coll linesrather than Cliquot. No time scales were mentioned
  11. To my mind your church authorities are being overzealous. If you’re not working with children or vulnerable adults I can see no justification for having to undergo a CRB. If I was in your position I think I’d refuse to comply – all depends on how much your enjoy playing for the services At my own church each post was assessed and only those directly working with the highlighted groups was CRB’d. As no one in our choir is under 40 a CRB check for me was not required.
  12. Yes, completely agree. The highlight of the evening for me
  13. I did contact Dover Council regarding the fate of the Town Hall organ. The gist of the response was that they'd love to see it restored, but unless funding was made available from third parties it wont happen. I'll check to see if I still the actual response
  14. Met the chap once at a recital at Holy Trinity in Folkestone. I'm sure he told me that he lived in Ashford - Albert Rd if i recall correctly. I've checked the phone book, but cant find a match - perhaps he's ex-directory or has moved. Sorry not much help
  15. It sounded very good when i attended a friends wedding about 18 months ago. The picture is one of mine.
  16. Is this the same Hugh Banton that was the keyboard wizard from the prog rock group Van der Graaf Generator?
  17. Does anyone have any ideas about the cost of such a move? And no, I'm not the "middle eastern gentleman" in question
  18. I wonder if anyone can help me out. A friend of mine has recently rescued a toaster from one of our redundant chapels and has installed in his house. All was working fine until today when his son managed to kill it. For some bizarre reason he managed to connect up the speakers and the output from the organ to the mains – result bang! Does anyone know of anybody in the Kent or East Sussex area that services/repairs electronic organs?
  19. Just as well that this organ is something of a caged beast, in a more open position it would be devastating. It’s a shame the late JB never got his 32’ reed. The chamade at Luton Parish Church needed a health warning when heard from the console. A similar effect can be gained from about five pints of Old Peculier
  20. Some years ago I had just finished my voluntary at our evening service, when a lady came over and started writing down the organ specification. Upon asking if she was a player, she told me her brother needed the information as he was playing for her wedding the following Saturday. Needless to say no-one had bothered to ask me first, or, indeed, apologise for the oversight. I was sorely tempted to remove the main fuses from the rectifiers inside the organ.
  21. Cant help you directly - the only decent organ I ever played in Malta was the the organ in St Paul's Cathedral which is/was a 3 manual Norman and Beard ( I think). This chap may be able to help you http://www.robertbuhagiar.com/ The organ mentioned on the Ruffatti web sit is not the main organ. I seem to recall the main organ is pretty conventional and may have more than a whiff of Ralph Downes to it.
  22. Artemis 81. There was a lot of footage of Liverpool Cathedral. I remember a lot of close up shots of an organ console being played, but I don't remember it being a 5 decker. The well known "popular" musician Gordon Sumner was in the film. The show is available on DVD A quick google came up with this http://www.davidrudkin.com/html/tv/artemis.html apparently it was Southwell - but no mention of the organist
  23. I had a similar problem to AJT. Our choir had been invited to perform at a Methodist church in London. I had been assured there was a proper organ. I quick search on NPOR revealed the organ to have a Compton electronic, with a fairly conventional specification. Upon arrival at the church I quickly discovered that the Compton had been discarded for a theatre type organ with two overlapping keyboards and about an octave and a half of pedals. Despite re-setting just about everything the pedals remained a tone out from the manuals. The church piano was quickly tested, only to find that it was so bad even a honky tonk would blush!! The only plus point that day was the the first rate tea supplied afterwards.
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