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  1. I think it could be something to do with closet megalomania. Like JSB, I enjoy testing an organs lungs, and given half a chance, would love to have a thrash on a steam engine. Perhaps the UN would have had better results in Iraq had they sent in an army of organists and steam enthusiasts. The steam engines would all be running again, and the militants could all chill out to the sounds of the merry organ (and steam whistles). I understand that there are a number of steam engines located near to Baghdad, including a British built 8F. I’ll get my anorak.
  2. I’m Robin Stalker, organist of the Centrepiece Church in Ashford Kent. (http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=D03036) It was one my aunts that described me as a “mad organist”, hence my use as a pseudonym. These days I think I would best be described as a “mildly irritated organist”. I had organ lessons from Philip Moore (no, not that one) and managed to pass my Grade 8. Sadly transposition still has me totally bewildered. Best organ fun? Easy, being let loose in Coventry Cathedral after hours. It seemed only right and proper to test full organ………r
  3. Black leather! I thought I’d seen it all, I think I have now. And for the curious, think Harley Davidson rather than dominatrix. I had to stop playing before the service, I couldn't hear full organ against the multitude of "mean machines" in the car park. It turned out to be only two "mean machines", but never the less the organ lost!
  4. This is what I got from Thanet Leisure Force, the people that run the Town Hall on behalf of Dover District Council "Further to your request I can confirm that the organ is still on site as it was when Thanet Leisureforce took over the operation of the Dover Town Hall back in November 2003. I have made enquiries as to the approx cost to have it repaired / restored which is in the region of £200k. This sum of money could not be justified commercially for us to consider but in my opinion could form part of a Cultural bid for Lottery money – should DDC wish to pursue. Dover Choral So
  5. I emailed them this morning - no reply as yet. I cant believe that the organ could have been scrapped without someone picking up on it
  6. I thought it was more a case of silenced pending a huge pile of cash.
  7. How about Franz Schmidt’s Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln – that has quite a big organ part – and a rather nice Hallelujah chorus
  8. Any idea of what he's playing? Couldn't see anything on the cathedral web site
  9. More or less the same here - I gave up halfway through the Mag. I'm sure the singers are very talented - its just that to me, they didn't sound entirely at home with the music.
  10. Could be quite entertaining! Slip on some Jim Morrison "C'mon baby light my fire" and enjoy the results!
  11. Contact you local diocesan arsonist.
  12. World Praise – edited by David Peacock and Geoff Weaver Published by Harper Collins ISBN 0 551 04001 7 Contains 84 items from all over the world
  13. I fully sympathise with your position. In the last 15 years my own choir has gone from singing a fairly traditional Anglican repertoire to a largely unison based diet. This is directly attributable to death – I kid you not! On the positive side, we have gained a few youngsters who sing very nicely, the problem is with the parents and the almost constant stream of shopping trips et al. We also have the dubious please of an “enthusiastic groaner” in the back row! From time to time I do feel like giving it all up, but I am buoyed up by the favourable comments from visitors to the chur
  14. NOOOOOOOO, spare me from Blaenwern. When I played at a CofE church it made a nice change, but now that I reside in Methodist land its all they ever want to sing! I've played Love Divine to Fairest Isle a few times - confuses the heck out of them!
  15. At my previous Church , Evensong was being taken by an elderly retired priest. Time and events had obviously passed him by, consequently we prayed for the King!
  16. Had a reply from my MP Damian Green today. An early day motion has been put forward to discuss/debate this issue (EDM 1827). The wording of the motions and the names of the MP's that have signed it can be found here http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails....301&SESSION=875 And I quote from his letter: "I am delighted to see that as a result of Conservative pressure the DTI Minister, Alun Michael MP, has now promised that church organs will be excluded from the directive. I assure you that we will continue to push the Government to ensure that this exemption is granted. I sincerely
  17. Just a thought.......if we are to be deprived of our pipe organs, what's going to happen to all the stained glass windows? Or even leaded lights in the home?
  18. I've just emailed my MP. It'll be interesteing to see what reply, if any, I receive.
  19. The Widor is a serious fire risk! Do not under any circumstances listen to this "performance" whilst smoking a pipe.
  20. Boellmann Priere a notre dame is my standard interlude fair, and if the punters are too noisy they get almost full organ in the loud bit. They've got the hint once or twice! And if they don’t like it..... tough. At least it will have made me feel better.
  21. Sounds like I made the right decision in not renewing my subscription
  22. Weddings usually seem to provide a higher than average disaster quotient. I’ve heard some very interesting variations on Widor 5. Personally I’ll admit my shortcomings –I can’t play it, I get cramp in my fingers after a couple of pages (if only I’d practised my scales and arpeggios more diligently). Rings and veils seem equally disaster prone. One hapless bride managing to loose her veil in the wind along with two other hastily concocted replacements – I must have played for 45 minutes before she finally graced us with her presence. And of course, the old faithful of the rings disappearin
  23. Oh the fun of the double entendre - reminds me of the time when I was best man for a fellow organist, I thought it was funny at the time - then I saw the video!. Thinking of the double entendre - should it be a 32' or a 16'?
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