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    King's, Cambridge - Back Row

    On a similar note St John's up the road now seem to have 18 on the back row for regular services. Their website still says 15 choral scholars (up from 14 under George Guest I believe with an extra bass). I suppose adding on gap-year volunteers etc is relatively easy, the limit being how many can squeeze in the choir stalls.
  2. michaelwilson

    Appointments 2

    Christopher Robinson will be Interim Associate Director of Music at King's College, Cambridge, this forthcoming term, a position to be jointly held with Ben Parry, currently Assistant Director of Music there.
  3. michaelwilson

    King's, Cambridge - Back Row

    There are currently 5 altos to my knowledge. To complicate things, on some recent YouTube videos you may occasionally spot an organ scholar singing on the back row.
  4. michaelwilson

    Appointments 2

    Alexander Binns, Assistant Director of Music at St Edmundsbury Cathedral has been appointed Director of Music at Derby Cathedral
  5. michaelwilson

    Appointments 2

    Paul Trepte is to retire from Ely on Easter day next year, after 28 years.
  6. michaelwilson

    Llandaff Cathedral

    Things are by all accounts going very well under the new DOM, Stephen Moore. They are currently raising funds for a new recording: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/llandaffcathedralchoir
  7. michaelwilson

    Christ Church Oxford

    If anyone fancies a go it seems Mr Preston is retiring: http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/vacancies/official-studentship-and-organist-christ-church-oxford-association-associate-professorship
  8. michaelwilson

    Appointments 2

    Not an appointment exactly but I couldn't help but notice that Stephen Cleobury for the first time has put a date on his retirement in an interview, saying it will be in "two to three years". There goes my theory he'd resign on his 70th conveniently-dated birthday after Christmas next year. http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/etcetera/music/choir-brings-the-floating-resonance-of-king-s-college-chapel-to-st-jude-s-prom-1-5089902