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  1. Their Assistant Organist advert is out: https://isw.changeworknow.co.uk/new_college_oxford/vms/e/careers/positions/bnLVV002beuPWTyL-vU8xa
  2. In addition to Robert Quinney's sabbatical, their Assistant Organist departed at the end of last term, so I'm not sure you can infer anything about their vision by this term's temporary arrangements.
  3. Well this was fun, and interesting reading everyone else's responses. Opening Voluntary Voluntary in A - Blow Introit O sing unto the Lord - Purcell Responses Those ones by Matthew Martin I heard recently Office Hymn Any sung in plainsong by the choir, as is done at Ely Psalm Anything, sung properly and not rattled through. Canticles Service for Trebles - Weelkes 1 or 2 Anthems Two anthems? An offer I can’t refuse: See, see the Word is incarnate - Gibbons Vox Patris Caelestis - Mundy Two Further Hymns there's no time left Concluding Voluntary Voluntary in A minor - Tomkins It got me thinking what music one could choose for the longest and shortest possible evensongs. I suppose the expectation of a 45 minute weekday service has constrained choice in recent times at least.
  4. The ADoM at King's is indeed only responsible for King's Voices, and typically spends more time doing other outside work than conducting in the chapel or playing the organ there. As KCC have two organ scholars, they are normally responsible not just for playing the organ but for conducting services and taking rehearsals when the DoM is absent. Likewise at St John's down the road. The NCO arrangement mirrors their back row, only half of whom are choral scholars with the others being employed clerks, an arrangement which reduces turnover and provides greater experience.
  5. Sad, but sadly not unexpected.
  6. Is Mr Richford off to anywhere in particular? I hear his work at Romsey Abbey was held in high regard.
  7. Who needs monthly music lists when you can argue about what's next during prayers? 😄
  8. Yes, thank you for that. It certainly clarifies a few things for me, I shall have to check out Baldwin's book. I had assumed that Master of the Children would have generally been the most senior Gentleman and, prior to an official DoM role, would have had responsibility for what was sung. But perhaps this fell to whichever organist was present and the Master was really just concerned with the choristers as the title suggests. I've never been to any of the royal chapels (except St Peter ad Vincula many years ago) but I intend to correct that this year, hopefully when the choirs are present.
  9. Richard Cook, Sub-Assistant Organist and Director of the Voluntary Choir at Worcester Cathedral, has been appointed Assistant Director of Music at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.
  10. Currently the Chapel Royal choirs seem clearly divided, with St James's and Hampton Court appearing to be entirely separate choirs with their own Directors of Music. Does anyone know when this came about? My understanding is that, historically, the choir was one body, with the Master of the Children de facto Director of Music. Since the Restoration there seems to have been more than one organist, John Blow for example was "one of the organists", and was in charge by virtue of being Master of the Children. Does anyone know what happened to the title of Master of the Children? Is it currently held by either of the Directors of Music at St James's or Hampton Court, or was it abolished when the choirs were divided?
  11. On a similar note St John's up the road now seem to have 18 on the back row for regular services. Their website still says 15 choral scholars (up from 14 under George Guest I believe with an extra bass). I suppose adding on gap-year volunteers etc is relatively easy, the limit being how many can squeeze in the choir stalls.
  12. Christopher Robinson will be Interim Associate Director of Music at King's College, Cambridge, this forthcoming term, a position to be jointly held with Ben Parry, currently Assistant Director of Music there.
  13. There are currently 5 altos to my knowledge. To complicate things, on some recent YouTube videos you may occasionally spot an organ scholar singing on the back row.
  14. Alexander Binns, Assistant Director of Music at St Edmundsbury Cathedral has been appointed Director of Music at Derby Cathedral
  15. Paul Trepte is to retire from Ely on Easter day next year, after 28 years.
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