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  1. St Edmundsbury are advertising for a Director of Music: https://stedscathedral.org/news/vacancies/
  2. Another is The Organ forum, a sub-forum of The Choir forum on the Radio 3 listener's forums: http://www.for3.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?103-The-Organ
  3. If I'm reading it right they've had 18 months to reflect on their review, and the best they could come up with to address the issues raised is that they should close the choir so they can reflect on them some more.
  4. I don't know the current situation but on the BBC Easter broadcast in 2018 there were 19 or 20 on the front row, roughly 50:50 boys and girls. The back row was 11 or 12 with maybe two women. Seemed like a very healthy choir.
  5. I'm pretty sure you don't "consider implementation" of a plan to broaden the focus of a cathedral music department by abruptly dismissing all the dedicated adults and children of the choir. I'm not sure that there is any belittling going on - people are simply commenting on the public statements that the Dean and Chapter have decided to issue.
  6. I stand corrected on the Cathedral measure as the point when the Chapter became involved in ownership in addition to the Dean. But my point in bringing up fee simple in response to the OP that it is in no way a "personal private chapel" along the lines of those found for example in some country houses of the aristocracy - no one owns it in that sense, like other churches the fee simple is in abeyance. All freehold titles derives from the Crown in a theoretical sense, but the Queen does not own the freehold of Westminster Abbey like she does of Balmoral for example.
  7. I believe like most cathedrals it was owned by the Dean, and following the 1963 Cathedral Measure, the Dean and Chapter. Eminent domain aside, the Queen no more owns it any more than a bishop owns a cathedral. Although of course it's pretty meaningless to talk of ownership, as it's not ownership in the usual sense of a fee simple, but comes with plenty of responsibilities and few rights - the D&C can't sell off the Lady Chapel to raise funds for example. As regards the Queen dipping into her pockets, I am guessing that as The Choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal, St James’ Palace are p
  8. My friend asked me to mention this project here which some of you might interested in assisting with: Digitisation of Lichfield Cathedral music lists from 1848 onwards: https://www.cathedralchoir.org.uk/mld/introduction.php A great way to appreciate what our forebears did week in week out and how things evolved. I'd love to get involved myself but I have trouble typing.
  9. Dónal McCann, organ scholar at King's College Cambridge, has been appointed Assistant Organist at New College, Oxford.
  10. Admission charges were common until the 20th century. They have long been a hot topic and have frequently been raised in parliament, especially in connection with Westminster Abbey where relatively high entrance charges were used to pay the choir: In 1823 "Mr. Hume... took occasion to complain of the extortions which continued to be practised at Westminster-abbey. He knew an individual, from the country, who had lately carried his family to view the monuments in that building, and had been charged in no less a sum than 8s. for admission. Such a practice was disgraceful to the country, and
  11. Funding a half-empty prep school from Cathedral visitor fees was certainly not a good position to be in prior to this pandemic. It seems they had a turnaround plan, but what is now proposed, i.e. educating the choristers at St Peter's, seems a more sustainable solution, especially as that school is the successor to the original 627 AD school for choristers, with the Minster Prep School being founded in 1903.
  12. It appears James Thomas is no longer at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, and Richard Cook is the Acting Director of Music. He may have retired but I've not seen this mentioned anywhere.
  13. Their Assistant Organist advert is out: https://isw.changeworknow.co.uk/new_college_oxford/vms/e/careers/positions/bnLVV002beuPWTyL-vU8xa
  14. In addition to Robert Quinney's sabbatical, their Assistant Organist departed at the end of last term, so I'm not sure you can infer anything about their vision by this term's temporary arrangements.
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