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  1. A nice obit. from The Telegraph. Tony
  2. Is this RC or CoE? The latest I have for the Catholic Church is this, of 18 March. Tony
  3. I think it's Banks Music Publications. See down the page here. Tony
  4. Try Banks for the Oxford Archive, Martin. Tony
  5. It is possible a copy may be available to purchase from: https://bradfordorganists.org.uk/sheet-music/ Tony
  6. I wonder if this article in the Daily Telegraph relates to the matter Denis has raised? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/05/19/westminster-cathedral-putting-heritage-risk-sending-choir-boy1/ Tony
  7. I played the instrument at St. Mary's, Strawberry Hill, for three years as a student from 1972-75. At the time it was suggested that it was the last Kingsgate Davidson built, and, as such, incorporated a lot of remaindered pipe-work from their work shops. I've never been able to verify this though!
  8. Appointment of new Director of Music Posted: 19 Jun 2018The Dean of St George's Cathedral, Southwark is delighted to announce that Jonathan Schranz has been appointed to be the Cathedral Director of Music with effect from January 2019. Canon Richard Hearn says, "Jonathan will bring a great deal to the role and I am confident that he will build upon the great work that his predecessor Norman Harper has done both in developing the choir and enhancing the music tradition at St George's Cathedral".
  9. Norman Harper retiring from St. George's cathedral: http://www.stgeorgescathedral.org.uk/music/StGeorgesDirectorOfMusic2018.pdf Tony
  10. St. Jude's had a quite wonderful Tuba rank if I remember correctly?
  11. Thanks, SL. This is a fascinating thread. There is a quote from St. Augustine in the Catechism of the Catholic Church #1157: “How I wept, deeply moved by your hymns, songs, and the voices that echoed through your Church! What emotion I experienced in them! Those sounds flowed into my ears, distilling the truth in my heart. A feeling of devotion surged within me, and tears streamed down my face – tears that did me good.”. The plainchant Missa de Angelis was considered very avante-garde when Pius XI encouraged its use by the laity in 1928. In reality, Pius XI, and, as a consequence the Church
  12. Might this just be a reflection of the 'three-fold' manner in which the plainsong Kyrie was sung? Kyrie thrice: Choir, Choir+Congregation, Choir Christe thrice: Choir+Congregation, Choir, Choir+Congregation Kyrie thrice: Choir, Choir+Congregation, Choir It now tends to be two-fold in these 'modern' times. Choir followed by Choir+Congregation for each of the Kyries and the central Christe. Tony
  13. I have to say (from a purely personal point of view, and in my opinion) that much of the more intimate understanding between choir and conductor is not pure arm waving skills and technique but much more about the understanding that develops over time between a choir and the conductor. I have only ever sung under one conductor that made me 'feel' he was watching me sing every second I was working for him, and that was Harry Bramma - most uncomfortabel, and very attentive, I was!! As a non-conductor (and wholly untrained pianist-turned-organist) that has directed my choir for a large number
  14. having fun! His postponed 28th May 2011 recital on the newly Mander-restored 1935 Walker instrument at Sacred Heart, Wimbledon is now scheduled for 8pm 16th March 2012. Tony
  15. Firstly a couple of contrasting performances of the William Tell Overture: and - to my mind it's musicianship on the theatre organ and theatre on the church organ (I do appreciate both are church organs, but I'm sure you'll get my drift!). Happy to be disagreed with!? Secondly, Lauridsen's absolutely stunning O Magnum Mysterium from Westminster Cathedral's last . The moment you hear the organ enter the score you realise, if you haven't appreciated them already, what a world-class choir this is. Look out for, and listen to, Whitacre's Lux Arumque from the same Mass. Tony
  16. CHRISTUS VINCIT! A bravura improvisation from Karel Martinek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8z3a2WfBgY...feature=related Enjoy! Tony
  17. Like many, I guess, I've rather lost the plot when it comes to deciding what has, and has not, been posted here. Nevertheless I hope the selection (distraction?!) below will stir one or two thoughts and a few emotions ;-) ..... from Christchurch Town Hall, with some nice views of the inside of the case (Lefébure-Wély warning!). ..... St. Bonifatius Church in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg - a splendid trumpet + organ performance of the Allegro from the Albinoni Concert San Marco ..... a movement from Andrew Bishop's arrangement of Randy Newman's music for 'The Or
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