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  1. I have just come across this chap here and he is very good, at least to my ears, ok, so it may be a shade fast, but at 23 yrs old that is maybe to be expected regards Peter
  2. I came across the Manchester organ by chance. A Polish friend had given a recital at the Cathedral about 1991, and while we wandered round the city the next morning, we went into the town hall, and asked if he could see the organ, a very kind gent, disapeared for a few minutes, and came back with some keys and moved the moveable console out so our friend could have half an hour tinkering, it was a good sound, just wish I had my tape recorder at the time. regards Peter
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Z8goeFzzQ...feature=related ...of James Lancelot at St. Sulpice (with Daniel Roth assisting and advising - look out at 5.18!), is great! P Knowing James Lancelot for many years now, it seems amazing he let anyone record the vierne, I know he is not too keen on having recordings made, I know this from asking him a few times recently if I could record hime at Durham and other venues Peter
  4. Further to my item above, I have been given the programme: Rogers. improvisation Haydn. March in D Miller. Voluntary in A P & F in D minor. Buxtehude Fugue in C minor. Bach Allegretto in E. Wolstenholme 2 pieces. Whitlock Paen. Howells and a piece to be announced
  5. Just to mention a recital in Durham Cathedral that my very good friend, David J Rogers (of Doncaster and past provincial grand organist of yorkshire) is giving. Its on the Sat 18th October at 19.00. His programme is yet to be finalized as yet, (in other words I cannot remember what he is playing ). My father has organized it, to raise money for the Mark Masonic Charity, last years raised £500. It will be a good night, so if any of you are free, you will be made most welcome. Peter
  6. it would have been 402, my friend, David Rogers and I were coming over for a few days R & R (thats recording and relaxation ) Peter
  7. I will let you off Vox, actually I cannot stand Messian, do'n know why, well yes I do, but the Bach partita "ach, was soll ich sunder machen bwv770 and the Lindberg Sonata in G minor were quite good and suited the organ. And As Philip said, " he was always on the lookout for new and "different" repertoire but a piece of Swedish, French and German played on an English Organ, came over very well to the good sized audience, who appreciated it regards Peter
  8. Another one from me: did a 120 mile round trip to hear the Whitlock C minor Sonata (if I could play it, I would have had an early night, but I can't, so did't ) played by Philip Rushforth at Southwell Minster, along with a piece by Parry, Bach, Messiaen and Lindberg. All pieces played with masterly, and with conviction. The Whitlock is one of my favourite pieces, especialy the final movement. Altogether a wonderful recital ,,,,and a pint in the Saracens after regards Peter
  9. Must mention tonights excelent recital at Holy Trinity, Hull, it was given by Matthew Martin, Ass at Westminster Cathedral, It was brilliant, and how he made the old girl sing, thats the organ, not Cynics wife, who I think was page turner for the evening. Mrs Cynic has done a marvelous job with the recitals at HT, and they are very well recieved by those who go. It was also nice to meet a fellow board member there who remembers the organ in it hay day, not long after it was built Peter
  10. I just want to say that those who live in or near Leeds, missed what I thought was the best played Dupre recital I have heard for quite a number of years. It was a young lady by the name of ELLI GLAROU who has been one of the organists at St. Bartholomews, Armley. She was born and raised in Greece, and has been doing her MMus, and was awarded a scholarship to further her studies and do her PhD in organ performance practice. As it was a sunday afternoon (4.00pm start) I am sure most people were relaxing before another service. Only a handful of people were there to hear amongst other thing
  11. oooop's you are right Paul. Thats why David said to be ready early Peter
  12. Malcolm Riley of the Whitlock Trust, is giving a recital at Bridlington Priory on sat. 31/05 to include the Plymouth Suite. I believe its at 7.00pm Peter
  13. I see it another way, at least he had the guts to have it put on U Tube knowing it would come in for a lot of flak, and WHAT IF Vierne or Widor was around today, they would probably applaud the poor man And the American public probably like that sort of thing, and it would probably would get plenty of air time on Classic FM regards Peter
  14. And lastly, I thought that Rick Wakeman was better known for other genres of music (rock / pop?) but either way he obviously didn't mind an excuse to play the organ when this video was taken: in this clip he is playing "Soul Morality" on the Willis organ of Lincoln Cathedral and, TBH, I don't think it sounds too bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCAvpxkIBIs Dave Has anyone hears the cd this clip comes from? Is it just my 47 year old ears, or does the audio seem to sound muddy, the recording not close enough or using too many microphones I am a BIG wakeman fan, and have been sinc
  15. Having heard this work "live" at Leeds Parish, Southwell and Durham Cath, its also my choice too Regards peter
  16. I did not know that the hammer fell on all his "stuff", I suppose it may turn up on ebay, you never know Peter
  17. did he build the Festival Hall console in the 50's when he was at H & H???
  18. I remember Bert well, did you ever sit in his front room and hear all those clocks I remember him playing a few "cine" films from a projector he had in the kitchen and showing onto a screen on the sitting room front window. My dad introduced him to a good friend (Ralph Franklin) who at the time (1984 ish) was Dof M at St. Peters, Harrogate. Bert did a "rebuild" of sorts and Copeman hart provided the usual electronic 32ft pedal bits. regards Peter
  19. I cannot remember AJ, I was at the time going through the "born again" process and was into the local free church, you know the kind, 400 hundred people, a large and excellent music group and all fully commited. I used to like going to the cathedral evensongs, it was a better class of music do'nt you know regards peter
  20. I remember back in the 1970's St. Nicolas, in the market place, durham had a major upheaval, both spiritualy and furniture wise, the outcome was (and others may no better) that to have their 3 manual Copeman Hart, they Had to have a "pipe organ" as well. They got around this buy having a one manual instument of maybe 2 stops and had it hidden away. My father was at the time organist at another local (6 miles away) church which also had a small Copeman Hart, and the official party from St. Nicks came to give it the once over etc. regards Peter
  21. I too had heard that the Newcastle City Hall organ had been played a while ago, I also heard that Carlo Curley had been investigating it, wether that is true or not, I do not know. has any one read the "Harrison Story" by Laurence Elvin?? that makes fasinating reading when they talk about some of the TH instuments. I did have a CD by J. Bielby playing works by Ireland on the Rochdale organ, also Priory re released one of his Huddersfield recordings that some of you may have on LP Peter
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