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  1. Absolutely not, more to highlight that she'd turned up to ask a question, among 10? others basically making the same point. IIRC (I was slightly bleary) I first heard it on 'the week in Parliament at about 4am this morning... the noble lord asking the question that was broadcast described the comparison in policy as 'nonsense'. Lady Barran, the Minister, seemed a little taken aback. Is it possible to apply to the government to hold a 'test event', or do you think that they just ask round the back office at No.10 for suggestions?
  2. No joy in the House of Lords here, including the Bishop of Gloucester: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=2021-06-30b.780.4 Mr Rees-Mogg has said in the Commons: The hon. Lady makes a fair point about amateur choirs. I remind the House that I am the patron of the Mendip male voice choir. That is something that I take great pride in and I am looking forward to hearing them back in full voice in due course, but that is currently under stage 4 of the lockdown process. And, ironically: https://www.parliamentchoir.org.uk/dbpage.php?pg=membership Of course, professional choirs can be as large as they like, because their rules are set by the Dept for Business. The science must be different there. Ian
  3. Is anybody playing the organ next Sunday? I managed December 27th (transmitted via Zoom over my mobile phone) with the 'family choir' of 4 in a bubble, and that's been it since last March, for the foreseeable future.
  4. We don't have any services or concerts to play for... What state is everyone's organ in, if they're unused (and in an unheated building)? The one that I play has gone a bit downhill; I drop in every few weeks to check it out. Is your tuner still working? Are funds available to pay them? - Ian CK
  5. It's easy enough to find out. Does anyone have a spectrum analyser and a microphone? Just watch the decay of a single note on the screen and see whether it drifts. I'd bet on some issue of inaccuracy in the inner ear. The tone will of course change as the sound decays, as reverb time is different for different harmonics of the note. I vaguely remember the acoustician who designed the acoustics of Snape Maltings saying that the 'warm' sound of the concert hall was due to a longer reverb time at lower frequencies, and had a picture to prove it, but that was 40 years ago. Does anyone have a book on psychoacoustics, Fletcher-Munsen equal loudness curves, all that stuff?
  6. It's absolutely routine here to slip between the (pipe) organ bench and piano stool, depending on the style of the music. The degree to which the style is accepted by the congregation (average age 70) is illustrated by worship songs being selected by people for their own funerals...
  7. It's been a while since I accompanied Bob Ling under the Maltings stage, but it used to have a mechanism to change from level to a five degree rake, for operas and the like. I look forward to observing the effect on pipe racks and bellows..
  8. ... and the bear is the symbol of Bern, both the city and the canton.... (this is probably a red herring) ... where the language is ... ?
  9. If anyone is looking for an original never-restored 4-manual Harrison and Harrison from the first decade of the twentieth century, what about St Mary's, Stafford?
  10. And from the 2015 list: Anne Marsden Thomas. Head of the Royal College of Organists Academy Organ School. For services to Organ Music. Dr William Huw John Harrison. Organist and Director of Music at St. Mary’s Church, Tenby. For services to Music in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Jeffrey Skidmore. Conductor and Artistic director Ex Cathedra. For services to Choral Music. (Lichfield, Staffordshire) Mrs Dorothy Maria Oliver. For services to Choral Music in Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff. Congratulations all.... Ian CK
  11. There was an interesting 'Flood warning' triangular road sign in shot though. In the choir school I think.
  12. The night before the 9 L's with C's, and a manuals-to-pedal tracker detaches from the pedal... why only now? Early start tomorrow with a new screw eye and a drill,,, Merry Christmas all, and may your pipes be in tune and your actions be reliable... Ian
  13. LED strips and power supplies are available at an electrical distribution website, tlc-direct. I fitted two strips of 45 degree angles over the music desk and a double flat strip under the manuals, The desk lights don't shine in my eyes like the old filament strip and the pedal strip is shadowless, wherever my knees are... there's also a neat up/down dimmer. Only snag is that when you turn the power off to the whole thing it forgets the brightness level. First world problems. You can hide anything with a strip of brass or polished oak... Ian CK
  14. As the Rolling Stones played last Saturday night, and the riff to 'Satisfaction' is just open fifths... the transition from cod medieval "organum" plainsong style to the aforementioned riff is but a change of registration and rhythm... The boss wasn't familiar with either, and had to have it explained.
  15. Purely coincidentally, we have 'Stand up!" on Sunday... must try to work it out. Talking of coincidences, I vaguely remember a similar thread running on this Board a few years ago, and a what-a-surprise "story" appeared in a national newspaper a few weeks later. It'll be interesting to see whether the same happens this time. Maybe on a slow news day... ... ... ...
  16. When Robert Quinney was on the Today programme recently, it was mentioned that a visiting preacher (at either Westminster Abbey or St Paul's) was accompanied to the pulpit by a barely disguised 'Blackadder' theme... consequently this has become a favourite, about 5 minutes before the clergy arrive, here in Staffs. 'The Muppet Show' featured last Sunday,in very ecclesiastical garb, I think that only Mrs CK noticed. Tim Minchin (c.f. Matilda - the T.V. song) was the stimulant for this, he seems to have borrowed the bass line.
  17. Agreed in all respects Philip, especially BWV 729, congratulations to Parker Ramsay (if it was he, as announced!)
  18. There is also currently a Nissan Note... how many do you need to make a Chord?
  19. Reminded myself of this thread... just spent an hour and a half, the night before 9 L&Cs, working out why tenor D pedal no longer couples to anything... and then replacing the missing leather button. Dropped three before I got one started on the thread. For good measure, tightened the aforementioned knicker elastic on tenor 'F'. Merry Christmas !
  20. As recommended in another thread, Supadance are currently working fine for me. I never walk in them (outside the chancel). I don't play pedals in thirds, though. (Organmasters are available in the UK from Allegro.)
  21. Erm, I'd love to have a choir that could contemplate 'Sir Christemas'. Just having the option would be enough. (got a 'new' pedalboard, though. Thanks Ruth - and Jeff, bless him))
  22. Basic physics, MM. Directional hearing is mostly based on time differences between left and right ears, so is more sensitive in the horizontal plane. That's why, to discern vertical sound direction, people cock their head on one side.
  23. Surely it isn't beyond the wit of man to link a float switch (located above the normal high level in the sump) to a loud alarm, powered independently of the automatic pump? Cost less than £200 including installation? If I were the insurance company I wouldn't be paying out twice! (Incidentally, I remember once being shown the pump-out sump beneath the stage in Snape Maltings, by Bob Ling, wonderful bloke.)
  24. Like the late, great, Carlo, there is surely no doubt that he could approach any part of the repertoire in any style or manner of his choosing? That's my hat off, then.
  25. Classic FM also have a news item, there are one or two others. I always intended to go to a CC recital, but never made it. There's a 'moral there somewhere'.
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