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  1. I see that it's a Snetzler organ (or was!). I really hope that as much original material as possible is kept and in use.
  2. Marge (my wife - not her real name) loves it (as do I), and she is certainly not a lover of organ music!
  3. I did. Is the Tuba Mirabilis rather brighter than before, or is it my imagination - or the recording, of course? Although the image during the Cocker was from the Chancel, I assume that the sound was recorded from the Nave side.
  4. Thanks! Many other excellent pictures of Ripon and the cathedral too. I must make an effort to take another trip to the city of Ripon, assuming that we'll be able to enter such places once again!
  5. Excellent! I want one! Er, does it play?
  6. I doubt it! I think that must have been one of the enclosed tubas.
  7. I get the impression that, unfortunately, the BBC are not exactly great fans of the organ!
  8. Yes, I watched that (on YouTube) earlier today and I completely agree that the organ sounded wonderful. I was especially impressed with the Swell which sounded particularly clear, presumably because of the new shutters on the west side of the box (assuming that the sounds were recorded from the nave!). I'm looking forward to listening to the evensong and dedication of the organ when I have time, probably tomorrow. Congratulations to Harrisons and, of course, to Robert Sharpe who no doubt led the decisions on the rebuilding of the instrument. I have suggested elsewhere that I thought it sad that the organ had lost its Cornet and Sesquialtera, but I now realise my mistake and that it really doesn't need either of those two voices. One day, hopefully, I shall have the opportunity to hear it in 'real life', when I shall possibly have the opportunity to hear ALL FOUR or the 32' stops (one at a time, of course) and which cannot possibly demonstrate properly their voices even on my hi-fi system!
  9. I agree about York or Canterbury. Yes, Priory have done both before (I have both), but of course since then both organs have been rebuilt/'done up', so they are likely to sound quite different.
  10. Looking at the picture, the only things visible seem to be the pipes from the stopped wood rank 'B' If anything was enclosed (in the house) I imagine it might have been the 'C' rank (strings) or the reeds, though I can't see any sign of a swell pedal in the photo.
  11. Thanks. I assume all four ranks as listed were set up in the house as and where they could be fitted! A principal, a flute, a string and a reed. What more could one ask for?
  12. Thanks. I've had a quick look through the site (and have visited several times before), but nothing yet apart from a different house organ which has been recently removed. I'm pretty sure it's a different one anyway. I may have a better look again later.
  13. A strange layout and, looking at it, rather difficult to reach at least some of the pipes for tuning. A shame that the new owner wants to ditch the organ. It would be nice to hear that it's up for sale, though. I wonder what the specification might be.
  14. I was indeed being funny, as I am an atheist and highly unlikely to join either the RC church or the CofE! Strange, I suppose, that someone so interested in organs is not in the least bit religious.
  15. What immediately grated with me was the phrase "comprises of", which estate agents seem to use in preference to the correct alternatives of "comprises" or "is comprised of". Sorry! Just my hobby horse!
  16. "The organ’s primary role, however, has been to enhance the daily services of the cathedral, fulfilling the mandate of Vatican II, which stated that ‘[the] pipe organ is to be held in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument which adds a wonderful splendour to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man’s mind to God and to higher things’. Capable of providing gentle aid to prayer or a brassy fanfare for a civic procession, it can accompany anything from a solo chorister to an orchestra and a congregation of thousands." That's the first time I have heard of that. Bearing in mind how many CofE churches are now going all 'happy clappy', I may decide to become a Roman Catholic!
  17. Thank you! I hope it all goes smoothly.
  18. Any more news about the LTH organ rebuild, please?
  19. Pencils, weights, rubbers? I believe that Keith Emerson often made use of a knife! 🤨
  20. I'd go for one of my favourites: Flor Peeters, Lied to the Flowers. A particularly peaceful and pleasant piece to keep people awaiting the jab nice and calm. (Although if it's like the flu jab it's nothing to worry about.)
  21. Excellent post! I don't really take much interest in who has been awarded this and who has been awarded that, but I'd hazard a guess that if examined closely it would demonstrate more than just an element of Londoncentricism! As for the peerage and the House of Lords, I see it these days as nothing more than a free and comfortable retirement home for politicians and their cronies.
  22. Yes. Two completely different types of speaker system of course.
  23. That reminds me of the lady sitting next to me at the first recital on the new Manchester Cathedral organ, who asked me where the speakers were.
  24. Relieved and grateful to see the forum back up today after having disappeared at the beginning of 2021. Thank you to whomever was responsible for getting it back up and running.
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