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  1. You could ask Jonathan Orwig (see http://www.evensongmusic.net/orwigorgan.html), he's a member here; he's also written a piece on a particular animals red nose ...
  2. I've seen an organbuilder using a mixture of chalk and water; applied on new frontpipes, after the protective foil was removed.
  3. A 75% Worcester one-fits-all-stoplist?
  4. How about some or other Magnificat - when speaking of "induction", 'magnify' the Lord might fit quite well (in a physical sense)
  5. I've posted this one here before, but maybe it's helpful (again) for the 24 pieces de fantaisie: Olivier Latry's corrections to the 24 PdF: http://sydneyorgan.com/Latry1.pdf
  6. That's probably the downside of having iPod, YouTube, etc.. no need to be actively enaged and still enjoying (but are we really?) music ...
  7. Here's one in Breda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nGsjgoFub4 Difficult instrument, knobs are quite close, looking down on/in them may cause confusion.
  8. Won't take long (at his speed)
  9. Worcester's diaphones ???? ....Honestly, I really tried to resist this one ....
  10. Prices could be lowered when re-using material (there's enough at hand, or it will travel to Holland ;-))
  11. heva

    Dagmar Koptein

    Did you try Google? http://www.nordpolar.com/
  12. Even more so, once visited a concert for in the 'Thueringer Orgelsommer' series played on organ AND alphorns (in the Bachkirche Arnstadt); 'simple' music, but sounding really nice (and not only 140dB@1mtr.)
  13. Sorry to hear of your loss (not that I care about football though ...). ;-)
  14. I'd think the Vuvuzela would remind you of GERMANY
  15. Ours are almost ready ....
  16. A Vuvuzela filter may be useful.
  17. Doesn't Atlantic City have some?
  18. Probably all historic Dutch organs are (already AND|OR very well) documented, see: http://www.nationaalinstituutorgelkunst.nl...1&Itemid=60
  19. Funny chamades: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHrKT00t_zA
  20. Oh yes - and no electricity anywhere near it, organists wearing 'period' clothes and shoes, be sure to have your brain reset to +200 years ago (so forget about your current means of communication/transport/existence etc..).
  21. Looks like cantabaile no.30 is a second version of no.2 - maybe try that one, scorch didn't show me no.2 but did show no.30. Should not be difficult to work out the differences.
  22. "oud gereformeerde gemeente" - says it all ....
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