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  1. I think there's a post here with a link to an mp3 that demonstrates the reeds in St.Pauls - very nice too as I remember. edit: found it: http://www.organopleno.demon.co.uk/mpegs/afm/celtica.mp3 How about the HJ solo tubas in Worc..... ???
  2. The tuba's at St.Pauls Dome are also not the kind of reeds that go by unnoticed
  3. Indeed, much depends on instrument, venue and allowed time. Out of the blue: how about Durufle's Sicilienne?
  4. Hmm, I've heard it's Lady Cameron ...
  5. Allow me to add some historic accuracy: The BBC-Moller organ was sold to the 'NRU' (dutch radio) in the early 1960's, placed in a small church in Hilversum. As Cor Steyn (who got it to Holland) died shortly after, the instrument didn't get played much (or good) and was sold off again.
  6. All tragic to see, although the 'Walt Disney' type arrangement of interior pipes is interesting ;-)
  7. Is that an Hope-Jones font ???
  8. Also: 'Romantischer Kompromiss-Orgel' ? In 1950's case? Why??
  9. Maybe it's all about marketing; the organbuilder want to have something for the CV (and business), the 'customer' wants something to distinguish from others to get funding/attention etc. ; quality of work may not even be the deciding factor.
  10. heva


    One major project for a new organist could be reconstructing an almost lost organ ...
  11. Thing is, 'chez nous' it's quite reverberant, which does miracles with the sound. This organ being previously located in a (so I've been told) bone dry 'acoustic'. Indeed, better a few stops to (near) perfection ...
  12. Our Hill organ (OT, sorry ...) is a splendid example how 7 stop can be enough, specs quite like the above.
  13. It's the Verschueren organ in the 'St.Catharinakerk' in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Very, very 'Orgelbewegt'. link: http://www.orgelsite.nl/eindhoven.htm
  14. Fail to see the point when both are this ugly ...
  15. Either way, don't exclude the organist who is the one to actually 'make music' on it whatever type of instrument it is. If he can't, I guess it doesn't matter how good or suitable the instrument is ...
  16. The organ was built for the 'Paleis voor Volksvlijt' in Amsterdam, which was very much bigger than concerthall in Haarlem: http://members.casema.nl/a.tiggeler/pvv%200055.jpg
  17. Maybe, some years ago I worked with a guy from Manchester area who used a certain f-word pronounced quite like vox. But I'm not a native speaker ...
  18. vox angelica - not so nice for angelica (I guess)
  19. Diaphone - Phone broken after dropped on the street
  20. René Saorgin's site has some info: http://orgue06.free.fr/orgue.html
  21. Interesting switch on the left side of man.II; I wonder if that complies with health&safety regulations.
  22. Just imagine if it got hacked into
  23. IIRC the registrations as suggested by Guilmant (at bottom of page) are aimed at the 'modern' organs of the time, the ACC's, NOT the french classical. I think in the Couperin edition there is a note about this, but cannot check it, since my copy has gone awol.
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