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Late Arrivals At The Organists' Ball

Peter Clark

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The radio show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue features a game in which panel members announce late arrivals at a fictional ball held for a particular professional body (dentists, solicitors), those late arrivals' names being puns and other word plays on aspects of that profession. Thus far organists have not been represented. This thread attempts to address that imbalance and thus forum members are invited to contribue to the list of names appearing in the late arrivals at the Organists' ball.


Mr and Mrs de la Pentecote and their daughter Ms de la Pentecote.

Mr and Mrs Songandfugue and their American daughter Carol Songandfugue.


Any more?



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Mr & Mrs Bella, and their ravishing daughter Clara,

The noble Mr & Mrs Yon-des-Heures-de-Soissons and their daughter Carol


Mr & Mrs 'on the 94th Psalm' and their son 'ata on the 94th Psalm'



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Mr and Mrs Aeoline and their heavenly daughter Celeste.


Mr and Mrs Vox and their sweet daughter Angelica


Mr and Mrs Gamba and their bearded Son


Herr and Frau Gedackt and their lovely daughter


Herr Regal and Jungfrauenregal

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Mr and Mrs Phant and their awfully loud son Ollie


Mr and Mrs Gamba and their daughter Belle


Mr and Mrs Tina and their sweet daughter Dulce


Mr and Mrs Harmonique and their stunning daughter Cor


and finally Mr and Mrs Flote and their son Travers

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Here are Mr & Mrs Pneumaticaction and their lovely daughter Electra...


Or the slightly risqué version...


Here are Mr & Mrs Pneumatic and their lovely, well-rounded daughter Electra...

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Guest Stanley Monkhouse



Mr and Mrs Erorgan, their fit son Walk, his sarf London cousin Mand, and her father Willis

Mr and Mrs Ussen and their son Marc

Mr and Mrs Sonorgan and their twin sons Harry and Nichol

Mr and Mrs Ofpipes and their smelly son Rank


... I'll get her coat for her

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