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  1. Re Ivor Norridge, Didn't he work for Henry Willis at some point in time ?
  2. Quote- Does anyone have any knowledge of similar Willis jobs to this one ? St Barnabas Church Sutton Surrey did have one, don't know if it's still there. The organ was based on the Christmas tree design. The organist at the church when the organ was installed was Michael Osborne, reed voicer for Willis's when the works were in the Old Kent Road.
  3. Perhaps I can shed just a little bit of light about Kingsgate Davidson. Their factory was in a disused chapel in Ivydale Road. London S.E.15 When they ceased trading in 1966 (I think) their tuning contracts were taken over by Rushworths, including two of Kingsgates tuners, myself, and Doug Littlewood. They looked after many jobs in London and the home counties, and also had a regular quarterly tuning round in Wales. As well as Mr Davidson Snr., there was also Douglas Davidson his son. Ralph Arnold, one of the organ builders employed at Kingsgates, went out on his own when the firm ceased trading, and did some rather good work in Kent and surrounding areas untill about ten years ago. Tom Robbins also from Kent, who used to work in the drawing office at H.Willis's, took over some of the tunings from Kingsgates when he started up on his own. Sorry I can't give you any further information.
  4. Does anyone remember a theatre organist by the name of Denis Coleman (the spelling of Denis is correct) I understand he played on the Gaumont circuit years ago.
  5. Thought MM would have known,organ builders only deal in sharps not flats. c c# d d# ef f# g g# a a# b.
  6. One of the chapels at Golders Green has a Compton two manuel pipe organ, as does Eltham Crem. Anybody know what sort of organ is installed at Honor Oak Crem London S.E.4
  7. Apologies for the typos in the above
  8. Quote "When the Bride is late" We do not allow late brides in our two church benefice. Last year a bride turned up almost an hour late, with not so much as a "sorry" When I asked one of the ushers what was the cause of the delay I was promtly told "Chill out man, it's a wedding" We noe allow a bride to be five minute's late no more. If she is later than this the wedding cermony does not take place, and of course no refund of fees! Guess what, all our brides now arrive in plenty of tome to have the obligitory potos taken, and the service stars at the alloted time..
  9. May I be allowed to offer some advice that was given to me sometime ago by soprano soloist, who has a superb voice but suffers something terrible with nerves. She takes one Paracetomol half an hour before her performance. I have tried this, as like most organists somtimes get "worked up" before a performance. It works for me!
  10. Don't know what happened to the above post. Sorry!! I have come across The caring Lady F.D. J.S.
  11. He also did wonderful things whilst he was at Truro J.S.
  12. A great loss to Cornwall, and the whole of the South West. J.S.
  13. oop's sorry!! Anybody know the histiry of Kingsgate Davidson? J.S.
  14. Was there a conection between Davidson, of Gray and Davidson, and Kingsgate Davidson. A company that sold out to Rushworth's in the early 1970's. They had a factory in Nunhead in south east London. J.S.
  15. Back to topic.Whilst holding down keys as an apprentice for a tuner, in a bitterly cold church.A lady who had come to the church for a meeting in an adjacent room, kindly offered me a hot loaf of bread which she had just purchased from the bakers opposite the church. "Here you are lad"she said "warm your hands on this". with that she walked off and left me holding the said loaf. Those were the days! J.Sheppard
  16. Getting back to part of Colin's original question. Does anybody know who looks after the instument these days. J.S.
  17. I hope you were paid the additional fee for the recordings. J.S.
  18. My most bizarre request for wedding music came from a couple in their seventy's. Both having lost their respective spouses. The bride given away by her son came down the aisle to," April love is for the very YOUNG". during the singing of the registar I had to play would you believe," Hello young lovers", from The King and I. Weirdest request for a funeral was the theme from "Match of the Day" for a keen Manchester United supporter. J.S.
  19. Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated. J.S.
  20. Playing for funerals at the local Crem next week. Have been asked for the hymn tune WESSEX. Anybody out there know where I might find a copy of said tune please. I understand the funeral is for a member of the Christian Science Church. Don't know if that helps. Many Thanks J.S.
  21. Yes, the toaster is still the P.C. in Newquay St. Michaels. I know from a former vicar at Newquay, and Carbis Bay ( Canon Michael Fisher now retired) that they had a lot of problems when it was first installed. It was not unsual during services, to have the emergency services radios coming through the speakers as the vehicles drove past the church. This I understand is now a thing of the past. I did have the priviledge of playing the old organ before the fire. One of the best organs in the west country. There was a lot of talk of the toaster being replaced with a pipe organ, but still using the toaster's console. Sheffield Cathedral I think??
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