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  1. To be fair, I don't think criticism on the number of stepper levels is getting overly hung up on the gadgetry. You write as if technology and art are mutually exclusive. My argument is that by using widely available, low cost technology the organ builders can concentrate on spending most of the money on the main event, i.e. the rest of the instrument ! Wasn't it Notre Dame (I could be wrong - but it was certainly one of the major French instruments I think) which used to be "powered" by two IBM PS/2 computers not so long ago?... /edit: Ah yes, it was... http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html...;pagewanted=all
  2. You are right - 8 x 16-bit words for 128 stops/couplers = 2Kb.. More a VIC-20 than a ZX81 then - but without the colour screen, of course. In my view why should anybody spend a significant amount on a capture system and have to accept that organ builders are offering such poor specifications? No doubt if one wanted twice the capacity, one would have to pay a significant premium? How would that be justified? Organ builders have always innovated, using the knowledge of their period to improve the lot for the organist. In the present day that seems to have been lost, as far as console technology is concerned. I'm afraid I don't accept such complacency and poor value for money, I'm surprised others do.
  3. Not really. My point was simply that storage technology is so cheap and commonplace these days, 128 levels is a nonsense. Every organ with a new capture system should have massive capacities in the current technological climate. Even my phone has 8Gb and that cost £30 - what price the same capacity capture system from an organ builder? Let's take an organ of 128 stops and couplers. The settings for this could be stored efficiently within 8 bytes of data. So, 128 levels of stepper would require 1Kb of storage. That is ZX81 capacity c.1981! Is the organ building fraternity really that far behind the curve?
  4. Only 128 levels of general memory? Pathetic. Given that a 4GB memory card can be had for next to nothing, why do these kind of system have such a poor specification? One would have thought 65536 levels minimum would be the benchmark these days!
  5. You tell me. Your original post was definite in its reference to the pain and the suffering - rather than any old pain and any old suffering. It was that specific language which I took to mean Christ's Passion, which of course you had referred to earlier in your post.
  6. I am feeling pain now, when I read such an opinion. Are you saying that, begin an atheist, I should never perform this beautiful work? I think one can appreciate the artistic value of the piece without having to understand the 'back story'. Do you not think?
  7. Slightly OT but do you think the same ratio applies to church organists?...
  8. Topic Title says it all really. Whilst browsing thru the monumental "complete Bach" 155 CD set I picked up on Amazon for a paltry £70, I wondered why - unlike G.F.Handel - a Bach organ concerto does not survive in the 21st century. Is there any received wisdom on this subject?
  9. I played a little village organ back in August and, given it had no NPOR entry, I dutifully noted it all down and sent it off for inclusion. Last week (i.e. 5 months later) I got an email saying 'thanks for the info - sorry for the delay, we have a big backlog' Anyone else had a similar experience? If NPOR are that pushed to actually process the information sent in, why don't they go for a wiki-style approach and allow anyone with a registered interest to update the records? I appreciate they want to be a 'golden source' but right now it seems they are struggling to keep pace with contributions...
  10. LOL we did this news in a couple of other threads!
  11. Ah! How exciting! Nice to see an appointment where 'the usual suspects' aren't just shifting about on the merry-go-round...
  12. Google tells me he's been there a while, plus he let me play the organ when I was passing back in 2004!
  13. .. and since Percy loved the tuba so much, surely there must be at least one example in the Whitlock oeuvre to also demonstrate this ..
  14. hopefully this is a fate which will not befall the new organ....
  15. Don't think so. The mods might be able to help, or if they give me the password for the backend database, I can do it by hand for you
  16. I remember him. He came to play my organ when he was a student. Wiped all the general pistons, the cheeky so and so. I wish him all the best at Westminster, and hope nobody comes along and resets his settings the day before he gives a recital !!
  17. I'm reminded of an article which appeared in OR a couple of years back of an enthusiastic lady amateur organist (with lots of ££, obviously) who had a three manual organ commissioned for her "music room". I think Thos. Trotter gave the opening recital!
  18. How long is a recital programme anyway? It could vary between 30-35 mins (a lunchtime slot, perhaps) to about 90 mins (evening recital with interval)... What do you have in mind, Andy? /edit: thinking about it some more, you are missing out on some key repertoire if you want a programme which covers most bases e.g. a Mendelssohn Sonata, some high-Romantic stuff e.g. Reger Introduktion und Passacaglia, Karg-Elert Chorale Improvisations, some neo-Classical works e.g a Hindy Sonata Much of this might depend on the target instrument and indeed, what gets you going as far as learning repertoire is concerned...
  19. It's a zero, not an 'O', so search for E01317...
  20. Harsh. We were only trying to help. Sadly URLs are either completely right or they are useless, so the need for correctness is paramount...
  21. The missing www. prefix in the first posted link caused the error, I think...
  22. I have no particular axe to grind, I am just going from what I read on Wikipedia.. Subject closed.
  23. You are right MM, in terms of holocaust, but we are talking about Holocaust which is a historically-specific term, I believe...
  24. I believe the term 'The Holocaust' is used specifically to refer to the horrendous outcome of the Nazi's 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question.' Other Nazi atrocities, whilst also heinous and despicable, are not generally included under that specific term....
  25. OK, so I'm learning this Suite at the moment and find it all a bit strange. The notes aren't that hard but I guess I'm failing to capture the spirit of it. Anyone else play it here who can offer some guidance? Yes, I know I should pay to go and get an organ lesson but I prefer to wait until I have most of it under the fingers.... Thanks!
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