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  1. I know I’m also several years late, however - Generic Sunday evensong - introit: The Call (Richard Lloyd) - responses: Radcliffe - psalms: 47, 48, 49 (Davy, Garrett, Walmisley) - canticles: St Paul’s Service (Howells) - anthem: Lord thou hast been our refuge (Bairstow) - hymn: Christ triumphant (Guiting Power) - voluntary: Paean (Howells) And also a (very large scale) Easter Day Festal Evensong - introit: Rise, heart (Vaughan Williams) - responses: Rose - psalms: 113, 114, 118 (Crotch, Bairstow, Lloyd, Garrett) - canticles: Rubbra in A flat - anthem: Lo, the full final sacrifice (Finzi) - hymn: Jesus Christ is risen today (Easter Hymn) Coronation Te Deum (Walton) - voluntary: Toccata from Suite op. 5 (Durufle)
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    any news from Gloucester?!?
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    see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newcastle_Cathedral
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    anyone know what is happening with appointing a sub organist at Salisbury? surely they have one by now? or, as i suspect, has daniel cook postponed his move to wales until they find someone?
  5. The Chester broadcasts from the past few years have been consistently very good indeed. I'm just listening to this past one again and I am particularly impressed by both the singing and the accompaniment.
  6. for the past 10 years they've been using a 2-man Copeman Hart, with some speakers propped up on temporary scaffolding in the north transept. I'd heard that Harrisons were possibly getting involved with it but no more than that. whether that's a simple restoration or (possibly more likely) extensively rebuilding it to 3 manuals in the triforium I don't know...
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    "This is a Lieblich Gedackt, which means 'lovely thoughts.'"- Huw Edwards, Songs of Praise
  8. Very strange! I'm currently staying near Torrington, and was told by the organist there that it was due to go ahead as planned...might have to ask around.
  9. Etoile du Soir (Vierne) Introit: Christus Factus Est (Bruckner) Responses: Radcliffe Office Hymn: Holy Spirit, ever dwelling (Salisbury) Psalm: 66 (Garrett [A major chant]) ...if 2 more were required then 64 (Turle) and 65 (EJ Hopkins) Howells St. Paul's Service Lo the Full Final Sacrifice (Finzi) Final Hymn: Lord of our Life, and God of our Salvation (Iste Confessor) Fete (Langlais)
  10. Sheffield Cathedral and St. Mary Abbott's Kensington are two places which I imagine would be first to jump in. In St. Mary's in particular they seem to have dispensed with their 4-manual HNB/Harrison and be using an undersized (<20 stop) Copeman Hart instead...such an instrument as that in Brighton would I imagine be very suitable .
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    Great Gambas

    I played recently a wonderful 2-manual Father Willis in Emmanuel URC, Cambridge, and the points raied here all seem to be valid, especially with reference to the bright cornopean stop. In terms of the use of the great Gamba, this seemed to be one of the loudest stops on the Great (although this may have been different in the body of the church) and didn't seem suitable for accompanying (instead, a Dulciana was also provided on the Great, presumably for this purpose). I used it as a solo stop, but it is also possible to view it as part of an integrated choir manual on the great. Just a few thoughts...
  12. Having lived in North Devon, I have got to know this organ, and have found a booklet about it produced by the church. The records between Crang and Vowles, and between Vowles and Farley, seem to be fairly difficult to track; at least the writers of the book don't seem to have much idea about it. Indeed, apart from that made by Crang, they are unsure of the provenacne of most of the pipework.
  13. Tom Leech has possibly gone to Newcastle, to replace Scoot Farrell who is now DoM at Rochester, since Roger Sayer wants to be organist only (see also Colin Walsh, David Dunnett, Ian Tracey etc.) Would be a pity to see Bill Ives leave, he seems to have done a good job at Magdalen and I very much enjoyed meeting him at the Oxford organ scholarship auditions...
  14. latest development: Tom Winpenny has been appointed as assistant at St. Alban's, with Tim Wakerell from Southwark Cathedral replacing him at St. Paul's.
  15. Richard McVeigh replaces Philip White-Jones, shortly to be assistant at Southwell. Any news from Truro or St. Albans?
  16. News is what we need! At any rate this should soon be forthcoming from the following places: Truro, St. Albans, Southwell, Carlisle, All Saint's Margaret Street, etc, etc
  17. Indeed, this is all I could find: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moondog
  18. I think quite a few people have...I have an arrangement by Noel Rawsthorne, but only of Pieds en l'Air; that particular one always works well.
  19. any ideas who might get the truro job?
  20. Thats a bit unexpected. Any idea who might be after the job?
  21. This is a very interesting topic to see: this relates to a problem that I am told I have, which is not playing all the voices in a chord together at the same time, a much broader issue. Recently a well-known and respected organ teacher told me I was doing this while playing a Bach trio sonata and that was a fundamental problem: she gave such advice as making sure all the notes are covered before playing, and practicing one hand and pedal. However it seems to come down to listening and concentrating mainly...
  22. I always thought that Geoffrey Morgan came to Guildford 15 years after Barry Rose left...
  23. Surely they would let you, of all people, have a go! After all when i visited durham a few weeks ago i met one of the organ scholars of the university who learns with James Lancelot, and he told me if id have made arrangements a couple of days in advance i could have played the cathedral organ. but yes, that would definitely be on my list, being an organ where the best bits of Willis were taken and added to the best bits of harrison...
  24. jfdg

    Borrow In G

    A piece by Battmann appears in David Sanger's organ tuition book. Most people who saw it thought it was DS having a laugh...
  25. although one of the singers and writers is a Caius organ scholar (Tommy Hewitt Jones), and the Caius choir is featured in the video (along with a shot of the Caius organ) the organ console that appears is definitely St. John's. The organist i think is Paul Provost (organ scholar at John's), but not sure about the page turner...
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