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  1. Mark Duthie to move from Brecon to Carlisle. http://swanseaandbrecon.churchinwales.org.uk/news/2017/04/end-of-a-cathedral-era-as-music-director-moves-on/
  2. What about the Elegy from Bridge's Downland Suite - arranged by Alec Rowley? I love the M├ęditation from Widor's 1st Symphony though it's beautiful rather than passionate.
  3. Jeremy Lloyd (currently organ scholar at Peterborough) to be Assisting Organist at York Minster from September.
  4. Stephen Moore, currently DOM at St Matthew's, Northampton, has been appointed to Llandaff Cathedral, http://www.llandaffcathedral.org.uk/category/news/
  5. David Pipe to be Director of the Diocese of Leeds Organ School and Organist of Leeds Cathedral from May 2016. https://www.rco.org.uk/news_displaystory.php?newsid=234
  6. I see Derby Cathedral has a new DOM. http://www.derbycathedral.org/news.asp?ID=425
  7. How does this compare to, say, St Alban's?
  8. I see Llandaff has financial problems: http://llandaff.churchinwales.org.uk/news/2013/11/cathedral-tackles-budget-deficit/
  9. But there'll be a television screen. Mind you, you can turn those off!
  10. But if you play for a cathedral choir (or even a visiting choir in a cathedral) you may well have to put up with it.
  11. Having just watched the Boris Ord Carol service, I must say that I found it beautiful. Okay, the hymns are sung the way people did then - gathering notes and all. How refreshing, though, not to have a conductor flapping around in them. Why do hymns have to be conducted now? (A discreet beat at the beginning of each verse is one thing, but those conductors who conduct hymns as if they were conducting the Hallelujah Chorus rather than a congregational hymn annoy me.) Tuning seems pretty good to me but it's impossible to tell with this quavery sound. Certainly doesn't sound like King's Colleg
  12. I'd never heard of this organist. Entertaining improvisation though.
  13. Although the petition itself doesn't seem to make the claims to which Ian Bell alluded.
  14. Of course, you don't even have to be human to play the piano!
  15. The Duet Suite for orga and piano is effective and good fun.
  16. Yes, lovely playing and a very relaxed speed. What's the thinking behind the little pauses that many organists impose on the music of Bach (e.g. here, after the first quaver of bar 4? I can't imagine a group of instrumentalists doing it.) I find the recordings of Rubsam make me feel a bit queasy. Bring back Walcha! (By the way, has anyone got that really cheap boxed set of Walcha's recordings - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000E6U...;pf_rd_i=468294. Is the sound too bad or is it worth buying?)
  17. Sorry, I was attempting a witticism - dangerous on the internet! You had said they were by Peter le Hurray (he was Huray, with only one "r", and clearly NOT in a hurry).
  18. How about this. (Mind you I'm sure it must have been on before - if so, apologies.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEIjP_k-u_g
  19. Thanks, En Chamade, I've ordered the CD. Thanks also, Handsoff or P (sorry, I don't actually know who anyone is - one or two exceptions) I will also look at the Solstice site. Bach at Notre-Dame?? What does it sound like? I have seen a youtube video of Vierne and I used to have an old LP of Cochereau playing the Toccata in C and, presumably, other things, but seem to remember that is was fairly grotesque. I remember now, there was Valet will ich.... in D - very slow. Stephen
  20. I have to have these CDs. What are they called and where can I find them? (I'm sure it's been on this board a few times already - if so apologies.)
  21. A Michael Jackson tribute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-mxVexV8v0
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