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  1. Don't get beguiled by user names on the forum. Someone may go wild. H
  2. General Discussion : New Organs - Excitement : posts #17-19
  3. Four manual Johannus for over a grand ? Ebay item no 140353408192 H
  4. headcase


    ...then there was the free church minister, who after a long spell of service on the mainland, returned to his previous pulpit on the Isle of Wight and greeted the congregation with, "How lovely to see the old Cowes faces again..."
  5. Sorry something seems to go wrong when I paste the link in. But search the icking-music-archive.org site and you should find it easily enough. H
  6. After a quick look Chaconne arranged for harpsichord and transposed to G minor here : http://icking-music-archive.org/scores/bac...onne_gminor.pdf H
  7. I do know that the old Tuba has been acquired by the organist of a church in Neath, S. Wales, to grace a III/P Norman & Beard, and the old 32ft reed is destined for St Mary's, Swansea. H
  8. Word reaches me that the Solo organ will not be installed at Llandaff, due to financial constraints. The fourth manual will only have a Tuba. This all seems rather gloomy and disappointing. Anyone else heard this on the bush-telegraph ? H
  9. Barry, A quick google came up with this http://www.lawrencesolutions.co.uk/music/N...ewsletter21.pdf see page 5 and hymnbook sources are quoted. I don't have a copy but maybe other board members can assist ? good luck H
  10. Ouch ! I haven't broken a finger but did bruise a joint severely - I got struck directly on the tip of my 4th finger with a football, propelled at high speed by my young son. I left it a week and the pain and swelling didn't subside. Went to my GP and got reprimanded...'There's no such thing as a minor hand injury.' I got referred to a hand surgeon and was seen within 2 days. Fortunately, in my case his prediction was that it would subside gradually over the course of three months. He was right. I do find a slight stiffness there still just occasionally. I wish you a speedy and successful recovery but if you have any doubts, seek specialist advice. H
  11. In his residence, I suspect - so yes, it would be loud. Eaton Square : the old Walker/Lewis had a fine Tuba, enclosed in the Solo box. Thoughtfully, the Solo soundboard had a rank of Principal pipes on the soundboard (not appearing as a console drawstop) which could be used as a tuning reference. 'Twas loud in the box but unremarkable without. H
  12. Pavane, Alman & Galliard by Michael Jacques is a short suite of pieces, not difficult but tuneful in a modern-ish idiom. The final Galliard almost goes of the rails, harmonically, before a coda that just rescues it. Rawsthorne - Hornpipe Humoresque H
  13. Some mention of this organ can be found under General discussion. Look for the topic '1881 book...' Post #2 has some details and points to an article in BIOS Journal 31 for further reading. I'm afraid I don't know what happened to the bits and pieces left over. H
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. Some useful ideas in there. I'm also waiting for a forum member to pdf me a copy of his own setting. H
  15. Can anyone recommend a simple Common Worship mass setting ? My PP has asked for a more sombre setting that we could use in Lent or Advent. Simplicity with enough interest to bear repetition is needed. Preferably Unis + SATB for the choir and an uncomplicated organ part ( for I am bear of very little brain). Any suggestions ? Doesn't have to be written by a big name - if YOU have written something that fits the bill, and can send me a copy for consideration that would be marvellous. Might I suggest contact by PM, to avoid soaking up unecessary space on this discussion board. Many thanks, H
  16. Just noticed on Ebay the sale of a picture postcard, with a ?monk admiring the 32ft basses of the Fort Augustus Abbey/Nathaniel Holmes organ. www.ebay.co.uk and search for item no 310142865495 H
  17. Loved the picture. Is not RF the very image of Cesar Franck at the console of Ste Clothilde ? Hmmm. Rothwell...I came across a few. The stop tabs were rather fiddly to use and I couldn't honestly see any benefits in having them. Rothwell pneumatic actions were very fast with good repetition. His wind systems sometimes incoproarted floating bellows (schwimmelbalge) long before other UK builders. Tonally, quite pleasing, firmly voiced flue choruses and plangent reeds. H
  18. It's time to bow out...when the choir start whistling along with your voluntaries. H
  19. ...but seriously... JS Bach's Fugue in B minor on two themes by Corelli is well worth looking at. It's one of those 'I'll look at it one day' pieces that one sadly never hears played. Not difficult, perhaps a little sombre. Maybe useful during Lent ? I have a recording of Daniel Chorzempa playing it at Arlesheim, simply registered with 8 4 & 2 Principals and appropriate Pedal. Stunning. Unequal temperament helps... H
  20. the manuals…" The frontispiece to Mr Edward's book shows "Mr Holmes great organ, London", this is also referred to as the Regent's Park Organ. Can anyone shed any light on which organ this was? BIOS Journal 31, (pub. Positif Press ISSN 0141-4992) has a lengthy article about this organ by David Hemsley. The organ was by Bryceson (1872-75), and had 65 speaking stops across six divisions. It included two 32ft flue stops and a 32ft reed, 4,029 pipes in all. An Echo division was playable via electric action. It was later rebuilt c.1936 at Fort Augustus Abbey, Scotland by E H Lawton, and again by Rushworth & Dreaper in 1979 as a III/P 37 ranks. When the Abbey closed in 2000, R & D moved the organ to the Roman Catholic Church of St Peter's, Buckie. H
  21. If you fancy transcribing the parts yourself, the entire manuscript is available here http://imslp.org/wiki/Image:PMLP27633-Perg...tabat_Mater.pdf H
  22. Name me a single electric or pneumatic job which has gone on for 50+ years without needing a virtually new action at the end of it. Careful now, David ! Such sweeping statements might get you shot down in flames. I know many pneumatic instruments, well in excess of 50+ yrs, that are still working well with original leatherwork AND are most certainly restorable. Electric action...well there's a thing. Ask me if I see electric actions restorable after 50+yrs and I fear the answer would be quite different. For example, will the same transmission technology be available for repair at Worcester in fifty years ? I wonder. H
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