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  1. Kevin Duggan will start at Dunblane Cathedral in March - currently DOM at S. Nicolai, Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark and formerly Keynsham and Warminster parish churches. An exciting player, choir trainer and composer. A
  2. Re the book - 'tried to get into it but eventually gave up. I would have probably have given up and moved somewhere more 'in sympathy' in the circumstances too! A
  3. 'Not read mine yet - nobody post too many giveaways please...! A
  4. Simon Earl - Assistant DOM at Wakefield Cathedral to be DOM at Christchurch Priory. A
  5. Wasn't he there once before? A
  6. This looks very exciting. One point however - I wonder how the divisions in the main case can be equally effective from the east and west. I note the 2 x Open Diapason arrangement on the Great as at Gloucester but unless the other pipework is divided west and east (also as Gloucester) then there would presumably need to be some sort of compromise. Hopefully it will not be on a north/south orientation as at Exeter or Wells where to my ears at least the overall effect can be disappointingly diffused - indeed at Wells it often sounds to me as if it is in another building! Presumably also the Swel
  7. I don't know any of the background - but it niggles that seemingly vast amounts must have recently been spent on the rather nice new organ. One wonders if this was necessarily the best option with things the way they are financially at present. Just a thought! A
  8. If H&H are involved along with the staff at Canterbury one can be very confident of something musical and thoroughly sensible - one only has to look at St. David's, Bury St Edmunds, St Alban's etc. We are also expecting something rather good down here at Edington Priory from H&H fairly soon albeit at the other end of the scale. A
  9. I have heard of other similar arrangements over here - in France though I have recently been allowed access to two major cathedral organs for as long as I wish. In each case the resident organist could not have been more hospitable and in one case the tourists who were around were also very attentive and actually listened to what I was playing. I did however go prepared with music that I could play and offered a donation which in both cases was refused. I also know of at least two situations around here where the resident musicians are so ultra protective of their instruments making it ac
  10. Nice one - it's good to hear about instruments from the point of view the music that can be played on them. Too often organists do themselves no good when they almost mystically remove the instrument from its musical purpose! A
  11. METHODIST CENTRAL HALL, WESTMINSTER Sunday Matinée on the newly restored Hill/Harrison organ 66 stops, 4 manuals Sunday 21st July 2013 at 3pm Admission by Programme £3 Refreshments available AFNOM Exhibition-Concert given by Michael Bonaventure & Martin Stacey
  12. is amazing - I wonder how it would go down at our place?
  13. It was very good - but there was some oddly conflicting publicity about - I had to confirm arrangements with the recitalist.
  14. I heard it at the cathedral. A
  15. BRISTOL CATHEDRAL - TUESDAY 4th JUNE AT 13.15 Jean-Baptiste Dupont (Titulaire des grandes orgues de la Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux) Vierne 2 - plus improvisations http://www.jeanbaptistedupont.com/ This should be good - J-BD is also a past St Albans winner. A
  16. And great fun it was too - very enjoyable! A
  17. And also down here in the West - Lance Foy, Stephen Cooke and David Coram. A
  18. The Annual Festival of New Organ Music is taking place over the weekend 20th/21st October in London. This is a superb chance to hear new music, listen to composers talking about what they do and also purchase scores etc. For composers it is also a marvellous opportunity to show what they are up to! Do please check out the website and better still come along if you can. A
  19. another good one from the late Gerre Hancock - I wish I could do things like this before hymns! A
  20. Roger Taylor the organbuilder from Burrington in Somerset (ex R & D) was looking after the Downside organ - and most probably still is. 'An expert on all things Compton - he spoke about it on a BIOS conference based in the area some years ago - along with Ian Bell. A
  21. Very tempting - but a bit far to go! A
  22. Here's another in good condition - check out the decidedly unusual spec. and the pictures to see the amazing long compass choir manual. The recording on Raven shows it off nicely. The organist there, Anthony Burke is also very obliging with info. etc. A
  23. It being just over the hill from here I had long wanted to play it and actually managed to get a considerable time there some years back. There are some very fine points tonally but also one or two rather weird corners (synthetics and some of the mixtures) - I also found many of the plena strangely unexciting. Also, part from the Tuba in its own little box much of the rest had a slightly non directional feel about it. It would be interesting to hear Derby, Wakefield etc. to compare - though - three years at Southampton University provided the opportunity to savour the big Compton in the Guildh
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