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  1. It being just over the hill from here I had long wanted to play it and actually managed to get a considerable time there some years back. There are some very fine points tonally but also one or two rather weird corners (synthetics and some of the mixtures) - I also found many of the plena strangely unexciting. Also, part from the Tuba in its own little box much of the rest had a slightly non directional feel about it. It would be interesting to hear Derby, Wakefield etc. to compare - though - three years at Southampton University provided the opportunity to savour the big Compton in the Guildh
  2. Laurence Elvin also put together quite a lot of information on Compton in Pipes and Actions - someone recently commented on this elsewhere. It seems fairly ok and not overladen with 'memorabilia'. A
  3. Here's an interesting one - Nocturne for an Orange in G flat by Porter Heaps. I dread to think what other fruit combinations one could use. Seriously (!) if anyone has a copy of the same composers Swinging Bach please could they PM. A
  4. ..and this was interesting too, from the organbuilder's details about the Rijssen organ. The words of a former minister in 1937. The service of the Word and of the sacraments must remain the only reason why one goes to church, and to which everything else is subservient. Together we go forward in love. Listen to the sermon more than to the organ.' Now there's food for thought! A
  5. The article in the most recent Organists' Review about this builders very new organ in Holy Trinity Crosshaven in S. Ireland and how it has altered ways of performing music in the liturgy is fascinating too. A
  6. Check out the Priory CD from there - Complete works of Percy Whitlock - Vol. 1 - Graham Barber. You get them all - in the best possible taste though! A
  7. Interestingly - at Yale there is a Tuba and a big Trumpet to use together or as a contrast - both bright (so none of the oppressiveness - perhaps -that you get with an Arthur Harrison specimen) - yet both different enough to be of use in the right context. H & H seem to be doing this in many of their current schemes (Cirencester, St Edmundsbury, Lichfield etc.). 'Repertoire wise' Prof. Murray never over uses such stops - they are evident but only when appropriate. I have too often heard (more often) visiting recitalists at large and well endowed instruments using far too much far too often
  8. There is some good artillery here too of a very tasteful and artistic weight. If you can't get there in person try the JAV CD set also with Thomas Murray - demonstrating much of the instrument's resources in his own inimitable way. (There is also - on a Priory CD I think - a recording by Murray playing the Elgar Larghetto from Serenade for Strings - ok, not Tubas but just as exciting with all those strings!) This is an organ I'd really like to visit though am unlikely to get to - in the near future at least - more's the shame. A
  9. is interesting - even if you do not speak Dutch. A
  10. That's him - thanks - and apparently enlightened as to what he wanted for a new instrument. I didn't end up going to the college in York (they had an Allen there then if I remember correctly) but went Southampton with a new Peter Collins instead - the merits etc. of which of been discussed on here before. Happily also - during my post grad. teacher training year in Winchester I had as my tutor another enlightened 'organ type' of rather a different way of thinking. Our tutorials were often quite off the topic of educational theory but I did manage to pass the course all the same! A
  11. Not tracker but very un Compton is this - there has been some work since it went in (Walkers I think) and the Swell/Great reeds are now slightly different having been somewhat tamed. I've not heard it for 30+ years but I think another poster on here plays there sometimes. I once met the chap who drew up the scheme ('can't remember his name but he was organist there when it went in) - he was interviewing me for a teaching course at a college in York in the mid '70s - we spent more time on the Boltons organ than on my possible college place. A
  12. 'Must get over and see this one - 'never knew it was there! A
  13. ...or to shoot a lurking flower 'monitor' or meddlesome verger! A
  14. Weirdly creepy - pipes that move! A
  15. There is a church near here with a digital that sounds like this! A
  16. Very nice - I really must 'do' the Brittany Dallams next time we are up that way in Fr. A
  17. is good for a miserable Sunday afternoon! A
  18. 'Will try it next weekend in Sainsburys! A
  19. what we've all been waitig for! A
  20. ..........and here is some more Saint-Säens - sorry Pierre!! It reminds me a bit of that film with the pig! A
  21. BARNET PARISH CHURCH (3 man Hilll, Rothwell, Mander) - Saturday 2nd October @ 7.30 (I think!) GEORGE INSCOE (Very promising 'teens' organist - former Head Chorister at Canterbury Cathedral) Recital to include music by AJJ - sorry about the plug - nothing 'scary' though! A
  22. There is a CD of Gerre Hancock improvising and playing some Bach at Washington NC (JAV label I think) - fantastic playing and some superb sounds both in broadly 'symphonic' and French classical styles. A
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