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  1. The middle 'fanfare' from the above snipet could be quite fun as a mobile phone ring tone perhaps? AJJ
  2. Can we all do this? AJJ
  3. Perhaps even Messing Regal - like New College? AJJ
  4. There seem to be some interesting trends here - some seem to want fairly 'classical' ('can't think of another term for it) stoplists - rather like expanded continuo organs whereas others see things differently. There is a house organ somewhere in the US (maddeningly I can not find the details) with nothing above 4' (a Harmonic Flute), a couple of contrasting 8's on the two manuals (one a TC Principal) and a string - all enclosed on mechanical action. I seem to remember also an Oboe and a 16 pedal stop of some sort. It all looked a bit like a French 'Choir' organ. From this one can get basic
  5. Wasn't it written up in Organists' Review a few years back? AJJ
  6. Here you go............. Great Stopped Wood 8 Principal 4 Fifteenth 2 Sesquialtera II Swell Gemshorn (stopped bass) 8 Voix Celeste (TC) 8 Harmonic Flute (metal) 4 Flageolet (wood) 2 Hautboy (TC) 8 Pedal Stopped Bass (from Great) 16 S-G G-P S-P Tremulant to whole organ AJJ
  7. Do you mean the 1911 Harrison incarnation? - I heard that once but it was very much on it's last legs - it sounded a lot like other 1911 Harrisons - but I am biased as that is not a sound I like very much! AJJ
  8. Oops - formatting madness - though you can probably work it out - 'may try again later - sorry! AJJ
  9. Here's something nice from Von Beckerath to get us thinking about new 4 mans.: Marlborough College Great Swell (enclosed) Großprincipal 16’ Flûte allemande 16’ Principal 8’ Bourdon 8’ Principal Célèste 8’ Flûte ouvrit 8’ Rohrgedeckt 8’ Viole d’Orchestre 8’ Viola da Gamba 8’ Voix Célèste 8’ Octave 4’ Aeoline 8’ Waldflöte 4’ Fugara 4’ Quinte 2 2/3’ Flûte octaviante 4’ Superoctave 2’ Nazard 2 2/3’ Cornet V 8’ Octavin 2’ Mixtur V 1 1/3’ Tierce 1 3/5’ Cymbel III 2/3’ Sifflet 1’ Bombarde 16’ Harmonia Aethera III 2 2/3’ Trompete 8’ Plen Jeu V 2’
  10. I agree about Klais at Bath (although know of others on here who do not) and would also point out that with David Flood in charge Canterbury has a first rate practitioner who is not going to let just anything happen. One must remember that he was at Lincoln with it's Willis before Canterbury and..... was part of the group instrumental in getting the new Aubertin for St John's College Oxford! AJJ
  11. Hasn't he had a bit to do with these? http://www.letourneauorgans.com/ AJJ
  12. While on the 'second instrument' theme - Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden (almost like their Westminster Abbey) has a fantastic 19th Century 3 man ('Swedish Cavaille Coll' style) in the west gallery and is now getting this on a transept gallery to be near the choir:- http://www.ruffatti.com/html/uppsala.html The organist there was/is British and they have a tradition of English choral music - I sang there as a treble and the acoustic is incredible. AJJ
  13. Perhaps the nave organ will have its own console downstairs too. Re the armchair bit - tempting but 'no time at present. Maybe you could kick off!! AJJ
  14. Back to Canterbury................the latest Choir and Organ has more about what they are intending to do. A new 4 man. nave instrument plus rebuild of the Willis/Mander including a new 4th man. and casework. There will also be a new 'east end' chorus with all of this playable from a 4 man. console on the screen. David Titterington is to be consultant and the current appeal also includes refurbishment of the Choir boarding house. It sounds interesting - apparently the contract has not yet gone out to tender and they are looking for one builder to do the work ('organ wise' that is - not includi
  15. You got in with this before me Tony - thanks for all the continuing work! AJJ
  16. I understand Gordon Stewart is also heading for a job in the USA - maybe this (see also John Scott, David Briggs, Graham Elliott, the gent at Washington National Cathedral whose name I have temporarily forgotten, Ross Cobb from Bristol who is now at the Anglican Cathedral in Sydney etc.) should be the start of another topic though. AJJ
  17. I heard West Bromwich on a BIOS trip about 20 years ago - not long after Nicholsons had worked on it and it sounded very fine - played by Geoffrey Morgan I think. http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch...ec_index=N04938 AJJ
  18. Back editions of 'The Organ' may be of some use - OK, not primary sources but if one also includes some of the letters to the editor there is a wealth of info. there if one has time to look. AJJ
  19. Laurence Elvin is indeed no longer with us but as far as I know his wife still is - living in Lincoln. A
  20. Isn't Derby Cathedral another Compton with a mainly independent Swell - largely retained from the previous manifestation of the instrument? A
  21. There are also Ian Bell articles on Compton in back issues of the BIOS journal though mine are packed away at present so I can't check exact references. He also spoke about Compton when BIOS visited Downside some years ago. Roger Taylor - the organ builder based at Burrington in Somerset looks after Downside and has a good knowlege of Compton's methods etc. I know he was ex R & D - 'could have been ex Compton too though not sure of this last info. A
  22. Thanks Paul - the Bryceson in the Speech Room would be very interesting also I feel sure! AJJ
  23. 'Can't recall one - there was one of Tewkesbury. Kenneth Jones had one of his page adverts plus front cover on Rugby - I used to enjoy them! AJJ
  24. This instrument went in some years ago - http://www.rugbyschool.net/sl/activities/music/organ.htm In size and design it was/is of some importance, it also won an important 'non organ' prize (see blurb). It doesn't seem to have had much written up about it however. How does it sound & 'play' - has anyone been and tried it? AJJ
  25. Whatever one thinks of the TS Collins I think it should be kept in mind that Prof. Peter Evans who was largely responsible for its presence was, to a vast number of students an inspirational figure. His reasons for getting the organ were to provide the University with the best they could aquire then. As an FRCO (and also a fine player!) he knew his stuff and was always quietly proud of what he achieved in having the organ installed and in what students then made of it. As has been noted above - some of us then found it a revelation. Looking at it now one can have other views but it is importa
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