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  1. Aaaaaaagh - I get noises like that from the rehearsal rooms at school! A
  2. Have dig around here. A Back to school tomorrow so less time for all this I'm afraid!
  3. Try this - not YouTube - but just a little spooky...............keep your eye on the swell pedal! A PS It took a bit of time to load here so be patient!
  4. 'Can vouch for this - an amazing instrument - I had an hour plus on this a week or so ago - 'so much to learn about it - I only just scratched the surface - metaphorically speaking that is !! A
  5. I must try this one on my wife - I don't know how she would react to being described as silent and eerily beautiful - dimly lit or not - seriously though - I wonder how many others here have gained 'significant others' via the choir stalls or console enclosure - we met on an RSCM Summer School - with some influence from another contributor on here too who actually persuaded me to go in the first place! A
  6. Check this out - look at the 'Music' section - contrast Bach with his own 'Cathedral Music' and the folk based extracts - and all from a former Chartres prizewinner and pupil of M-C A. Staggering technique too. I like it a lot! A
  7. 'Missed this - 'looks fun - interestingly 'post Worcester' in concept - multiple enclosure seems to be gaining popularity again. Good also to see that they are to restore the pipe decorations. Does anyone know who was involved with the scheme along with Tickells? A
  8. In Norway - 'did recitals in York recently though - he was/is a good teacher - lots of patience with 'us undergrads'. A
  9. The very same though I am not nearly old enough to have been there in the time of Williams. Jeremy Blandford was DOM in my time. I've not been back since I left the University - after the new organ went into the TS I had lessons there. A
  10. Funny that - I used to learn on a large 1950s Willis III on the S. Coast with a Tuba that was extended downwards to the Pedals ending up as a road drill!! A
  11. One of my most often played CDs is the complete Durufle from there (David M Patrick on ASV) - each time I listen I hear more amazing sounds - it fits the music like a glove too a fact that I discovered on hearing S. Etienne du M. in Paris for the first time earlier this year. A
  12. 'Funny thing - I also heard the ND organ - building empty - in February and thought it sounded fare better than on any of the recordings. I also felt that 'volume-wise' it came over far better without the tourists everywhere and that sitting at the head of the nave with everything firing at the hands of M. Lefebvre it was actually quite civilized. A
  13. 'Played there last year - no wind noise any more since the last rebuild - the Dulcianas still sound magical though. A
  14. Will the St Peter's organ do all those string and timp. noises though? A
  15. Get your ears around this one folks!!!! A
  16. I did something similar but only used the opening phrase as the basis of an improvisation - 'came out sounding like Langlais - one or two recognised it though. A
  17. Get this if you want more of the same!! A
  18. One of my fav. CDs is Gerre Hancock - including an improvised full organ symphony here - JAV - you get an earfull or two of the 64 and all the rest! A
  19. Of course Vox - OD 8, SD 8, VdG 8, Pr 4, 15th 2, Oboe 8 plus truncated 16' with trigger swell set to open - all courtesy of Mr Vowles sent the good people on their way with the sun shining on the lake and the Temple of Apollo above!! A
  20. Apologies folks - purists especially - my lot got today after the family service - 'went down well though. A
  21. An aside - but some of the most enjoyable Bach experiences I have had where when singers actually performed the chorale before the CP and the text was also provided. Somewhere I have Hurford's complete Bach Orgelbuchlien with the appropriate chorale performed first - it works well. A
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