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Christmas Greetings

Peter Clark

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'Best for Christmas from here too - 'looking forward to seeing a few in Worcester next month. Continuing thanks also to John, Rachel etc. - where would we be without them!



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Guest Echo Gamba
May I also echo everything that Peter says in his message. Seasonal greetings to everyone. No doubt most of us look forward eagerly to lunchtime on Christmas day when we can finally relax!




Until the weekend! :(

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Christmas greetings to one and all

From the organ loft to the choir stall.

Dispel all thoughts of gloom and sinning,

Set the Cymbelstern a-spinning

To lull the lucky few who might

Sing the last verse of 'Silent Night'.


Things can get a little murky

When we carve up the Christmas turkey.

Alas the sad ill-fated bird

Would be really quite absurd

Devoid of a steaming chestnut stuffing

Without which the whole ensemble is nothing.


And let's all too thank Manders, our hosts

Who bravely support these idle boasts.

Verse three of 'O come ye' - much too hard

Without a trompette en chamade.

So forget the shopping, what next to do?



Go and find the trusty corkscrew!

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I add my Christmas greetings.


In the year or so that I have been a member of this board I have learned a huge amount about the organ and its repertoire; have started playing again after too long a break, and have extended my CD collection to include some wonderful music, largely on the recommendations of fellow members. I look forward to meeting some of you at Worcester next month.




[PS My signature photograph is a temporary change; the Clicquot case of St Sulpice will return. Mrs Handsoff insisted I took a picture of our tree...]

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A peaceful Christmastide and a prosperous* New Year to all.

Many thanks to board members for their enlightening, thought-provoking and occasionally hilarious contributions.

Many thanks also to our hosts for their generosity and patience.



(who is enjoying the first Christmas for twenty-odd years when he's not been a church organist, a head of music in a high school or both; and will be having a very relaxed time!)


*...well - folks will still get matched and despatched, regardless of the state of the economy. :(

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